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15 Best Gaming Hackers that Know Their Way Around a Keyboard


15 Best Gaming Hackers that Know Their Way Around a Keyboard

*hacker voice* I’m in.

The co-lead of the Halo franchise is built from one of the smartest minds in the universe, and it definitely shows. Cortana is one hell of a hacker, managing to sift through tons of Covenant data with ease, and even ancient Forerunner technology can’t stand up to her might. Now if only there was something to be done about that whole “take over the galaxy” thing…Barbara Gordon is a technological master both in and out of the comics. Her short expansion in Arkham Knight was geared on stealth and technology, perfectly showing what makes her different from the brute force of Batman or the acrobatics of the various Robins over the years.

Okay, so she’s not a hacker in the traditional computer programmer sense. But being able to hack into people’s brains and rewrite their memory technically falls in that area, dodgy ethics aside. Nilin was trained in the art of this, and it’s what makes her a deadly adversary to go up against. Detective, synthetic, and possible lover if you choose to accept it, Nick Valentine is just the coolest dude around. Fortunately, that also extends to hacking, which makes him an invaluable asset through the wasteland that is Boston.

The Geth in Mass Effect are all evil (at least, at first), but Legion is something different. They’re like a child, emulating human behavior and looking to Shepard for guidance in a way that’s both interesting and sort of sad. Sure, they’re a great hacker to have around, especially on the Geth ship, but it’s more fun to hear them explain Geth “culture” and rattle off interesting facts.

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