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15 Gaming Assassins We’re Glad Are Mostly on Our Side


15 Gaming Assassins We’re Glad Are Mostly on Our Side

Don’t stab me!

On the other end of the spectrum of gaming assassins, you’ve got Thane. Dapper and soft-spoken, the amphibious life taker ends up being surprisingly deep and tragic over the course of two games, and the fact that there’s no real way to change the tragic fate that awaits him makes him even more memorable.

He may have the move set of a certain secret order of gaming assassins, but Talion comes into his own almost right out the gate. Being dead is a good way to start, but it’s his Wraith abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with. When you can brand Orcs and take control of their minds, you definitely get a worthy reputation. A bodyguard turned wanted man didn’t stop Corvo from going around slitting throats. His mask makes anyone who cross his path completely unnerved, and the supernatural powers that he’s gained from the Outsider have turned him into a killing machine. Plus, he can control rats, which would make him deadly all on his own.

Usually when you think of assassins in gaming, they wear something flashy, like a hood or a mask to hide their face. Agent 47 is so ordinary looking that he blends into a crowd, which makes it all the more easier for him to wear disguises and inventively take out his targets. Who knows, he could be sitting next to you on the bus right now…

Zer0 is so cool.

Ninja? Cyborg? Maybe both?

Fun to play as him.

The newest assassin to join the lineup, Corvo’s daughter is more than just a palette swap. She comes with her own powers and weapons that make her a force to be reckoned with. Her weapons are the best that Dunwall has to offer, and being able to turn into a shadow creature and tear people in half doesn’t hurt, either. Is there a better and more likable assassin than HK-47? Well…yeah, but this one is a delight because of his deadpan nature and pure wickedness. He’s like a devil on your shoulder constantly wanting to murder in creatively twisted ways. You certainly couldn’t do better as far as gaming assassins are concerned than with HK-47, meatbags.

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