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15 Games to Play to Embrace This Cold Winter

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15 Games to Play to Embrace This Cold Winter

Winter is here.

In traditional Bethesda fashion The Elder Scrolls V gives you an absolutely massive open-world to explore, this time in the northern region of Skyrim. The entire region has a tundra feel to it, besides the places that flat out seem like the Arctic. There’s plenty to do of course, and you’ll need to build your skills to survive in this wintery RPG.

Uncharted 2 isn’t totally set in snowy locales, of course, but a huge portion of the game is. After the incredible train sequence, Nate ends up stumbling through snowy hills before winding up at some kind of Tibetan village. There’s a few frozen caves and snowy mountains to wind your way through, and even a few Yetis to fight.

The first Metal Gear Solid is set entirely on Shadow Moses Island during winter, which even plays into your stealth mission. When you’re outside you’ll need to be aware of where you’re leaving footsteps, as enemy soldiers can see them. Moments like the battle with Sniper Wolf only help accentuate the chilly time this thrilling game takes place in.

Ice Climbers is literally all about winter, as you guide a couple of you guessed it, Ice Climbers, up a frozen mountain. You’ll have to content with some strange creatures including Polar Bears along your way, and you’ll no doubt be a master of smashing ice blocks by the end of the game. For an extra wintery time, you can play the character’s level on Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Syberia is a thrilling point-and-click adventure game that sees you playing as Kate Walker as she travels across Europe and Russia, trying to wrap a deal for her law firm. Her journey eventually leads her to try and find the mythical snowy island Syberia, where Mammoth are said to reside. Things quickly begin to unravel, and during her journey Kate begins to question her own purpose in life.

It should be no surprise that a game about Vikings is set almost entirely in frigid and snowy locations. Battle for Asgard is a brutal game that sees you playing as a Viking champion, battling to push back the unnatural legions of Hel from invading Midgard. There’s plenty of sneaking, battling, and killing to be done in the frozen lands of Midgard.

Who’d have thought a game called Icewind Dale, would be entirely set in a snowy locale. This entry in the Forgotten Realms series lets you create your own party to help guide a caravan. Eventually you learn more about a demonic feud threatening to ruin the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale, so you of course set out to rescue the wintery snow-packed area.

Although this game’s title is a mouthful, what better way to embrace the winter than with a bunch of sports related to it? This title in the strange mashup between Mario and Sonic, sees characters from both series competing in events like ice skating, hockey, curling, and ski-jumping. It may seem weird to see these characters participating in the Olympics, but hey everyone can enjoy the snow right?

Assassin’s Creed III had some lengthy parts set during the winter, but Rogue takes place almost entirely in the northern areas of early America. There’s even a couple sections where you’ll visit arctic areas, Northern Lights and all. The wintery theme really makes Rogue a beautiful game, especially when you’re exploring colonial America.

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