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15 Games That Are Super F%^&in’ Vulgar

Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2, Wii U

15 Games That Are Super F%^&in’ Vulgar

Crude and rude.

Any of the Saints Row games could make this list for being vulgar, but it’s the third that takes the case. You become a toilet and a sex doll, you fight hooker assassins, and can wack people in the groin with any weapon in your hands. Or, you can beat people (off) to death with a giant, purple dick known as the Penetrator. So…yeah.

Mafia II is a super vulgar game, and it’s not just because of the 1950’s setting. (Well, mostly because of that.) There’s cursing, sexual references, and Playboy magazines galore. At one point, the game held the World Record for most swearing in a video game. Not only is the collaboration between Epic Games and People Can Fly a vulgar game, it’s creatively so. There’s such a combination of swear words and dick jokes that it almost becomes something of a metagame in and of itself. Maybe the remaster should add a counter for how many times one can reference a dick… The swearing is (mostly) censored in Borderlands 2, but that’s not what makes it vulgar. No, its the juvenile and crude sense of humor it’s got that earns it that award. Whether it’s from Handsome Jack or any one of the many characters you come across in in Pandora, there’s many dick and boob jokes galore in the loot and shoot title.

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