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15 Games That Are Long Overdue For HD Remasters

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15 Games That Are Long Overdue For HD Remasters

Blasts from the past.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – HD Remasters

One of the best Star Wars games ever created, Knights of the Old Republic has only received a PC port via Steam, however, it more than deserves a full HD remastering. This would it work wonderfully with Disney big push for Star Wars content via film and television, all while celebrating a legendary RPG.

Ape Escape Series – HD Remasters

While we did get a port of Ape Escape 2 on the PS4, it’s been ages since players got to properly return to this wacky platforming game. Not only does it offer unique controls, but is full of offbeat humor and great level design that more than deserves to shine with a next gen upgrade.

Diablo II – HD Remasters

Given that Blizzard is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Diablo, why not continue the good times rolling with an HD remastering of the sequel. Given Diablo II is considered by many to be the pinnacle of dungeon crawlers, it would be fantastic to see this hellish title get a full makeover.

Timesplitters 2 – HD Remasters

The Timesplitter series hasn’t really been heard from since 2005, so bringing it back could offer an entire generation of users a chance to try this legendary FPS. Plus, being able to bring Timesplitters 2’s frantic multiplayer online would be quite a treat.

Star Wars: Battlefront II- HD Remasters

Okay, the chances for players ever getting an HD remaster for this game is slim to none, however, we can still dream right? Not only is this the pinnacle of the series in terms of gameplay, but it would make a great love letter to the fans who took a chance with the reboot.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – HD Remasters

While Resident Evil 2 is already getting a remastering, it would be fantastic to see Capcom give the same treatment to this legendary title. Not only is RE3 responsible for introducing one of the iconic villains in gaming, but it’s a very solid game from a mechanical standpoint.

Crash Bash – HD Remasters

This was a surprising omission when Sony revealed that the original Crash games were being remastered. Given this title has always been loved by the fanbase it would be great to see this party game make a comeback, especially as an expansion on to the trilogy remastering.

Diddy Kong Racing – HD Remasters

Speaking of party games that need to receive some more love, Diddy Kong Racing is a title we really haven’t ever heard from in ages. While there’s pretty much no way we will ever see a sequel to this N64 title, having an updated version would make up for that.

F-Zero X – HD Remasters

This high-octane racer seems to be have forgotten in time, as Nintendo only wheels out the mascot of the franchise, Captain Falcon, for their premiere fighting game Super Smash Brothers. Since Nintendo has had success with HD releases of The Legend of Zelda, bringing back this fan favorite more than makes sense. Not only would the gorgeous tracks and cars look great with a next-gen coating, but the sheer speed of the races would make it easier to follow when playing.


Considered one of the best first person shooters ever created, Half-Life is a title that has cemented itself as the stuff of legend. So since we are probably never getting the third entry in this series, it would be fantastic to see this iconic shooter updated with new visuals and lighting.

Call of Duty 2

Since Activision is clearly content with updating the older versions of Call of Duty, allowing players to experience a beautifully reconstructed version of the second entry. Since World War II shooters are rather sparse now, getting to storm a 4k version of Normandy Beach would be an incredible experience.


Much like the F-Zero the Earthbound series more than deserves a full remastering, especially since this is a rather rare game to acquire unless you’re content with the Virtual Console version on the Wii U. Not only is Earthbound still a unique RPG, but the colorful visuals and offbeat sense of humor would be great to see fully updated.

Spyro The Dragon Trilogy

Yes, Spyro has been doing a fantastic job on the Skylanders front, however, the classic platforms should receive some love as well. Given this was once a well loved PlayStation mascot, seeing it return to a next gen console feels like a natural progression. Since there is little doubt that the Crash Bandicoot remastering will be well received, giving Spyro The Dragon his chance to shine would be great to see.

Demon Souls

While the Dark Souls series may have ended, there is little reason that the original title by From Software shouldn’t get an HD remastering. Given we are already able to play Dark Souls II, going all the way back to the beginning for this legendary franchise would be a treat for both fans and newcomers alike.

Jade Empire

A lesser known RPG by developer BioWare, Jade Empire is a unique and enjoyable experience that had gorgeous art direction and an intruiging story. Updating all of this via a remastering would not only allow this hidden gem to be experienced by players but help showcases how much BioWare has grown as a developer.

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