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15 Franchises That Could Use the God of War Reboot Treatment

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15 Franchises That Could Use the God of War Reboot Treatment

Sony Santa Monica’s hack and slash, mythology-driven franchise God of War, has been one of PlayStation’s most popular franchises, starting back in 2005 with the original releasing on the PlayStation 2. The series has always been based on this revenge story, starring Kratos, a man who is forced to murder his own family causing him to seek vengeance on the gods that have done him wrong.

With this new God of War that comes out this week, Santa Monica is taking a completely different approach to not only the character of Kratos, but to the gameplay as well. Instead of having this sort of isometric look, the camera is now more behind Kratos with a more dramatic emphasis on the character. There is also the inclusion of Atreus in this God of War, which happens to be the son of Kratos, who is being taught how to survive on his own by his father.

Santa Monica has definitely hit the restart button on the franchise; not exactly a reboot of our angry antihero, but more of a fresh start for the series. Doing this has given God of War a second breath and critics are praising the changes that have been made. Seeing the positive reception that the title has garnered made us think about other franchises that would benefit from the same kind of treatment; long-running franchises that have gotten just a bit stale and could use some touching up.

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