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15 Dark Souls Gift Ideas for the Chosen Undead in Your Life


15 Dark Souls Gift Ideas for the Chosen Undead in Your Life

Kindle the fire.

Mimic Anatomy T-Shirt – Sure, you could get your favorite Dark Souls fan a fancy Gwyn t-shirt, or that one shirt that says “You Died.” But nothing quite encapsulates the feeling of despair than opening an inconspicuous chest, only to have it sprout arms, teeth, and a large tongue to devour you with. I give you the anatomy of a mimic.

Solaire Bronze Statue – Solaire is one of the most iconic NPCs of the Dark Souls series. What better way to celebrate his gross incandescence than with a beautiful bronze-cast statue of him literally praising the sun?

Red Eye Orb and Red Sign Soapstone – Like PVP? Maybe this handmade Red Eye Orb and Red Sign Soapstone will pique your interest. Made primarily from clay, these props are a perfect reminder of your successful invasions and honor duels.

Fantasy Flask – If you were disappointed by the Estus Flask item that came with the Dark Souls III strategy guide, why not take a gander at these fantasy flasks instead? The flask itself is hollow, so you could drink from it if you really wanted.

Warrior of Sunlight Pin – Here’s a must-have item for all Dark Souls players who consider themselves part of the Warrior of Sunlight covenant. Pin it to your bag to show your love for jolly cooperation.

Mimic Chest Needle Felting – Because you really needed those damn mimics to haunt your nightmares even further, here’s a cute little needle felting of the monster. You can cuddle it to sleep every night.

Catarina Helm Keychain – Sometimes simple is best, and the Chosen Undead in your life might appreciate a keychain that reminds them of Siegmeyer, Sieglinde, and Siegward – the best onion bros and gals in the series.

Knightslayer Ring – Knightslayer Tsorig was one of the toughest NPC enemies players encountered in Dark Souls III. Upon defeating him, he drops the Knightslayer Ring, which allows you to guard break more easily. Not a very useful ring in PVE, but it’s proof of your triumph.

Crystal Lizard Sculpture – Dying in Dark Souls can suck. But you know what’s worse? Letting a damn crystal lizard slip out of your reach during times where you really need those valuable Twinkling Titanite. This crystal lizard resin sculpture will serve as a painful reminder of all the times those pesky things got away from you.

Dark Souls Father Mask – So you wanna be Giant Dad? Well, look no further. The Mask of the Father will make you whole again. Just don’t tell anyone you leveled Dex.

Red Knight Funko POP Figure – If the Chosen Undead in your life just so happens to be a Funko POP collector, their collection certainly won’t be complete without the Red Knight from Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls Design Works – It’s a little pricey, but the official Design Works is a gift any Dark Souls fan will truly appreciate. Full of illustrations and concept art from the first game, the Design Works also comes with an exclusive interview with the dev team and Hidetaka Miyazaki himself. It won’t answer every burning question you have about the game’s lore, but it’s a start.

Artorias the Abysswalker Statue – Knight Artorias is the baddest of the badasses in Dark Souls, and this gorgeous statue cements that fact. Mind the spinning slams.

Darkmoon Blade Pendant – Fancy yourself a Blade of the Darkmoon? Drive out those Aldrich Faithful heretics and prove your allegiance to Yorshka and Gwyndolin by donning this fancy pendant.

Lordan Dark Days T-Shirt – Here’s another cool t-shirt that features the best NPCs you can find around Lordran: Artorias, Siegmeyer, Solaire, and of course, Havel the Rock.

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