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15 Coolest Video Game Inspired Tattoos

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15 Coolest Video Game Inspired Tattoos

Sailing The Seas Sleeve – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This Wind Waker-inspired sleeve shows all of the best parts of Link’s cel-shaded GameCube adventure.

Powered Up – Mega Man

Turning your fist into Mega Man’s Mega Buster is super brave but also super rad at the same time.

When Magikarp Gets to Level 20 – Gyrados

Magikarp may be one of the most useless Pokemon of all time (sorry little dude) but once he evolves into Gyarados, you’ll forget all about his Splash attack and will truly be frightened by his Dragon Rage.

MAAARRRIIOOOOO!! – Luigi’s Mansion

In honor of Luigi’s Mansion 3 being announced, this tattoo right here expresses the emotions we felt while watching the trailer.

The Light That Never Goes Out – Kingdom Hearts

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