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15 Super Smash Bros. Snubs Who Say, No, Nintendo, Everyone is Not Here


15 Super Smash Bros. Snubs Who Say, No, Nintendo, Everyone is Not Here

Come on. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a huge roster, we even get Ridley. It is time to let our boy in purple have his time, now is the winter of our discontent, because without Waluigi, who even are we?

Super Smash Bros. Snubs

He would be a great fit, having another character with off the wall attacks like Wario would be great, and more than anything, it’s time. Free him.

Super Smash Bros. Snubs

Henshin a go go baby. Everyone’s favorite film obsessed, time controlling action hero would be incredible in this series. The amount of items you could include with him is almost reason enough in and of itself.

Super Smash Bros. Snubs

Joe hasn’t been seen in far too long, it would be amazing to see him make a triumphant return to the main stage alongside this incredible cast.

Super Smash Bros. Snubs

Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight is one of the most celebrated retro-styled platformers ever, and we’d love to see him in Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Snubs

Take a moment to envision Shovel Knight in his pixel-perfect aesthetic against crisp backdrop of modern Smash Bros. levels. How awesome would that be? Plus watching him bounce off of heads on his shovel and flicking dirt up at them to stun them would look amazing. He even has his own Amiibo already, so there really is no reason not to.

Praise. The. Sun.

Don’t pretend you don’t want this gloriously incandescent optimist throwing down with Mario, throwing Lightning Spears at Link, and summoning a dragon as his Final Smash.

While there are a fair few sword-wielding characters in Smash already, Solaire would stand up, tall, with his arms parted, entering into the fray and being perfect for team battles in jolly co-operation.

Blasting his way into battle, Bomberman already has plenty of different colors to choose from. Using bombs as a main tactic is mostly confined to Link and Samus at the moment, but they don’t embrace it.

Give us this blasty-boi and let him accidentally knock himself out of the running in nearly every match. It is inevitable, after all, when handling dangerous explosives.

Just one anime character, Nintendo… that’s all that is needed.

Dragon Ball is having a wonderful resurgence at the moment thanks to the success of Dragon Ball FighterZ. So now that the game is coming to Switch, why not put him into Smash as well. His moved pretty much write themselves and seeing him zipping around the arenas would be amazing.

With the surge of Indie games on the Switch since launch it is only natural to get a few characters from some of the gems available to play.

Hollow Knight is a little bug that takes on a lot of big problems. The game is hard as nails and this little insect is battle ready. The chance to have a smaller character running around but laying out the beat downs is one that shouldn’t be passed up, plus the monochromatic art style would make him pop out in the colourful Nintendo worlds.

With both Bayonetta and Snake, it is clear that Smash Bros isn’t afraid to put in characters with some slightly more adult themes than a lot of the classic characters.

So why not include this nerdy assassin too? You could even have him keeping on top of charging his Beam Katana by shaking a Joy-Con. Granted he would have to keep his potty mouth out of the game, but you could even have him beating up opponents with the blanked out words as items.

Ubisoft need a good representitve in Smash. With Mario X Rabbids being one of the best games on the system, and Starlink set to include the Star Fox himself, why not return the favour?

Rabbid Peach is probably the standout character from the fantastic strategy crossover, and she would be incredible. You could easily incorporate her selfie taking arrogance into the fray and no doubt her winning animation would be hilarious.

Now that we have the Ice Climbers back, it’s time for another fun duo to grace Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Snipperclips would be the perfect start.

There’s loads of potential for some awesome moves. For example, you could have them utilizing the unique puzzle game mechanics as attacks, cutting each other out into weapons to use in battle, then regrowing in order to heal a small amount of damage. This inventive little puzzle game deserves its time to show off its range on Smash’s big stage.

It is quite frankly absurd that Nintendo’s brand new fighting game doesn’t have a representative in its premier party brawler.

While there are a lot of strong candidates from Arms to consider, Ribbon Girl is the perfect choice for this game. She represents everything the game is about and helps to bring another female character to the strong Smash cast. Her fighting style would be great to see in a 2D game. Nintendo could even, perhaps, utilize motion controls as an option for her special attacks.

There are plenty of unorthodox fighters already in the Smash roster. Take Animal Crossing, for example – hardly the sort you’d think of duking it out in intense battles, so about some golf club-wielding challengers to add to the mix? The stars of 2017’s acclaimed RPG, A Golf Story, would make for an awesome addition. They could spawn in golf balls to hit across the maps and do some great smash attacks with a variety of different clubs depending on the direction you are hitting.

Honestly, I just think it would be funny to choose a character called Steve.

Aside from that, though, a Voxel-styled Minecraft character would not only look cool, he could pack a real punch, too. Throwing a block of diamond? Why not. Using a pickaxe to knock away enemies? Sounds great. Summoning an Ender Dragon to end the fight in a flash? Hell yes!

Good work Steve.

Mario and Bowser; Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf; Samus and Ridley – it’s time to add Donkey Kong and King K. Rool to the list of arch enemies in Smash Bros. This is another character from the Nintendo halls of history that has more than earned his place in this game.

It is this lizard’s time to shine, and shine he will, too long has he stood by while Donkey Kong gets to revel in his victories. His attacks could include his blunderbuss and he could throw his minions at the other fighters. How about a Final Smash that uses his ship, or has his weapon blowing up in his face and him stumbling into the other fighters?

So this one is probably the strangest on the list, but The Binding of Isaac is a truly outstanding roguelike that should be in everyone’s life. Not only that but Isaac is due to start making appearances in some Nicalis Inc crossover games as it stands anyway.

It would be amazing to watch him crying his way to victory against some of the titans that Smash has. The Final Smash could be Mother knocking the other characters clean off of the platforms and into the sky. No other fighter uses their own tears as a means to take out the other players, but this is one boy not afraid to cry.

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