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BioShock Cosplays That Make Us Wish Rapture and Columbia Were Real

Bioshock Cosplay

BioShock Cosplays That Make Us Wish Rapture and Columbia Were Real

Would You Kindly?

There are a lot of different games to cosplay, but some of the outfits that the gaming community have produced for the best BioShock cosplays are absolutely stunning. In this list, we will showcase some of our favorite cosplays across the entire game series and the wide variety of different characters inhabiting it. Since some characters are more popular than others we tried to limit the amount of duplicates since we could make an entire list of Elizabeth bioshock cosplays. If we could not find the cosplayer rocking their respective outfits then we will list the photographer or in rare cases the person who made the costume. Here are 15 best BioShock cosplays that are worth the trip under the sea or a journey into the clouds.


Citizens of Rapture –

Photography by Benny-Lee

Elizabeth: Burial at Sea

Cosplay by Lunaritie

Female Splicer

Cosplay by Emma Rubini

Bridgit Tenenbaum

by Regina Mustafina

Rosalind Lutece

by LaynesLionRedCat

Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth

by Aciosu (Sylar & Sheila)

Big Daddy BioShock

Costume created by Volpin Props

Big Sister

by Kari–Kob0yashi

Motorized Patriot

by Erri Kitten


by Swoz and Leaux

Booker DeWitt

by Egusi

Splicers and Little Sisters

by Labinnak & Mangoloo

Plaster Splicer

by LoftyLace


by Anna “Ormeli” Moleva

Big Sister

Cosplay by ThelmaTherion




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