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The 15 Best Gaming Headsets Across All Price Ranges


The 15 Best Gaming Headsets Across All Price Ranges

When the packed-in headsets aren’t enough.

The highly rated <a href=””>HyperX Cloud</a> is another great option that not only offers high quality sound, but is compatible across multiple platforms including PS4 and PC.

At $99.99, <a href=”″>Sony’s Gold Wireless headset</a> is a good entry level headset that will get the job done provided you’re only interested in gaming on your PlayStation 4.

Razer is known for over the top, expensive products, but the <a href=”″>Razer Kraken 7.1 V2</a> is actually not too bad at $99.99 if you’re looking to get into PC gaming and want to buy from a reliable, trusted source.

The <a href=”″>SteelSeries Siberia 800</a> is a solid wireless headset compatible with just about everything you want to use it for provided the ~$250 price tag is not an issue.

Got about $500 burning a hole in your pocket? Go ahead and go for the <a href=””>Audio Technica ATH-AG1x.</a>

Another option if you’re looking for something super high quality with a price to match could be the Sennheiser’s noise canceling <a href=””>Game Zero headset</a> for PC gaming.

Turtle Beach has been in the game a long time and are a reliable brand for many to pick up from. At around $130 the <a href=””>XO Seven</a> is a solid choice for Xbox One fans that want to upgrade from the boxed-in headset, but don’t want to go over the top.

A step up from the Razer Kraken, the <a href=”’War%20Wireless”>Mano’War</a> is another middle of the road (price wise) option if you’re a fan of Razer products and are looking for a wireless headset for your PC.

Weighing in at over $250, the <a href=”″>Astro A50 Wireless</a> is expensive, but powerful if you want an excellent headset for your PC or PS4.

Another solid option for Xbox One gamers, the <a href=””>Stealth 420X+</a> is a easy hook-up via USB cable and offers a high-end quality sound at not-too-crazy price at around $150.

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