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10 Video Games That Are Metal AF

Doom, metal

10 Video Games That Are Metal AF

Games That Are Metal AF

Some games just exude such brutality, such savagery, and such a wickedness that it’s hard to not feel like a badass while playing them. Although not every game like this features appropriate music, that doesn’t mean they aren’t metal AF. Here are our top 10 picks.

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1. Doom (2016)

I’m pretty sure the definition of metal AF is running around on Mars and ripping open demons’ heads with your bear hands. Seriously, this game is fast, brutal, and has such a rad soundtrack. With tracks like ‘Rip and Tear’ and ‘Flesh & Metal’, you’ll be into this one if you’re a fan of the music genre.

2. Dante’s Inferno

Is there anything more metal than traveling through the nine circles of Hell while slaying demons with a scythe? Some of the death animations are freaking repulsive, like being eaten alive by one of the monsters in the Gluttony area. This game earns its M rating and should not be passed up if you’re looking for a headbanging experience.

3. Bayonetta 2

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most badass women in gaming. I love how this game starts with a fight against angels and demons atop a jet flying through a city? Does it get more metal than that? Bayonetta shoots guns from her feet, murders people with her hair, and looks so stylish while she does it.

4. Splatterhouse

Alright, Splatterhouse is probably the only game on this list that isn’t actually great – but the gore factor still fits the bill for being metal AF. This is one of the most brutal games I’ve played. You can beat enemies with severed limbs, disembowel them, and chop them up with a chainsaw. Oh, and with various artists featured on the soundtrack, it’s at least worth checking out for that – Seriously, Lamb of God is so good.

5. Guitar Hero Metallica

The music rhythm games feature a ton of great songs, but Guitar Hero: Metallica takes the cake for being the most metal music rhythm game ever. Obviously, most of the Metallica tracks are bangers, like Fight Fire with Fire, Battery, and Master of Puppets, but it’s the supporting artists that truly bring out the breadth in the genre. Machine Head, Mastodon, and Slayer are just some of the fantastic bands this game has to offer.

6. Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend is a love letter to fans of the genre. With Jack Black as the main character and one of the most metal storylines out there, this is not one to skip if you’re a metal fan. You can hack n slash enemies with a guitar ax and even literally melt their faces with some sick guitar riffs. Oh and it even has over 100 songs from various artists like Mastodon, Tenacious D, and Dethklok.

7. Dead Cells

Dead Cells doesn’t have a metal soundtrack or demons to battle, but it’s aesthetic and generally frantic gameplay tick all the right boxes. You play as a headless warrior that can poison, decapitate, or even freeze and shatter enemies into pieces. Part of what makes this so metal is the speed – You can run through levels and blast enemies away in such a stylish fashion. It’s fast and brutally difficult and as a fan of the music genre, it gets my stamp of approval.

8. Twisted Metal

Riding around on a motorcycle as a clown with a flaming head and a flaming chainsaw to match, all set to rad music? What’s not to love? Twisted Metal popularized car combat, and this reboot takes it to a whole new level. The environments are destructible, the live action cut scenes are brutal, and the soundtrack is badass.

9. Darkest Dungeon

There’s no denying the beauty of this game, even if it’s brutal and disgusting at times – The line-work in the art just screams “metal album cover”. Some of the beasts are genuinely terrifying, too. That and the fact that your characters can die from a heart attack from being too stressed out is definitely brutal.

10. Metal Gear Rising

I don’t care what anyone says – This game is awesome. Sure, it’s not really a Metal Gear game, but the sheer badass-ery is hard to overlook. Cutting a giant, 20-story robot into a million pieces set to fast-paced music never gets old. Or how about slowing down time and ripping out your enemy’s innards? If that’s not metal AF, I don’t know what is. Buy it here.

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