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10 Video Game Insects That Are Just the Worst

Garden of Eyes- Bloodborne

10 Video Game Insects That Are Just the Worst

Buggin’ out.

Bugs are one of gaming’s most common enemy types, as the sheer variety of insects offer developers tons of opportunities. Much like zombies, these enemies have had some interesting incarnations and are not bound to a single genre type. Usually,insect based opponents rely on speed, numbers, and some sort of poison to incapacitate the player. This can usually result in some truly frustrating encounters, especially if the game in question is already difficult to begin with.

When deciding the most frustrating insects in all of gaming we decided to void out arachnids since they could fill an entire list themselves. We also will be limiting it to one enemy per franchise, so games like Fallout 4 don’t dominate half the list. The criteria for these choices are going to be based not only the design of the enemy in question but the difficulty and “cheapness” of the opponent. However, if we needed to call pest control, here are the 10 bugs we hope to exterminate.


Garden of Eyes – Bloodborne

The Garden of Eyes can only be found in Bloodborne’s abandoned college facility Byrgenwerth and we are incredibly thankful for that. Not only do these fly headed monsters rush you in packs, but they can latch onto would be hunters and drain a lot of their health. It also does an insane amount of Frenzy damage if you are not properly protected from the status effect.

Zinger – Donkey Kong Country Series

The tried and true way of dealing with any enemy in Donkey Kong is to jump on their heads. However, the bee monsters known as Zinger will put a hamper in any Kong’s plan as they can instantly kill you if touched. Not only that but the only way to directly deal with them is to throw an object of some sort and hopefully hit them with it. They can be especially troublesome when you have to deal with the awful flying mechanics and avoid dozens upon dozens of them.

Antlions – Half-Life 2

There are a lot of things trying to kill you in City 17, but none are more frustrating than Antlions. While they are easy to kill individually, the problem is Antlions are always traveling in large packs. Since they constantly spawn from the sand, this makes them an endless threat that players will have to deal with if you cannot turn the displacement machinery on. Plus, there’s always the terrifying Antlion Soldier variant who will constantly ram the player and can take a ton of punishment.

Yanme – Halo Series

With several different aliens indoctrinated into The Covenant, none may be sheerly frustrating to fight against than the Yanme. Like most of the other bugs on this list, they are easily dispatched when singled out. Yet, this is rarely ever the case as the Yanme will swarm in massive packs and attack from all angles. Plus, the Yanme will normally be escorted by Jackals and Hunters, so they can easily pick off players if they’re trying to recover their shields.

Varkids – Borderlands 2

What’s worse than dealing with one giant insect that’s trying to eat your face off? How about one that constantly evolves, gains full health after each evolution, and gets progressively stronger. Varkids are utterly frustrating to play against as their ability to constantly evolve will make battles take far longer than they should. Their “Badass” form is a complete bullet sponge and you can easily be surrounded by them if you’re not careful.

Metapod/Kakuna – Pokemon Red/Blue

Talk about the most useless Pokemon in the entire core games. Not only are these Pokemon discovered early on in the game, but they can literally learn nothing but Harden. So, unless you want to stare the other trainer’s Pokemon to death, you might as well go and capture another Pidgey. Plus, you only get a Beedrill or Butterfree for evolving one of these cocoon based Pokemon, which is totally not worth the effort.

Cherub – Doom 3

What even is that thing!? Who thought this was a good idea at all when they were making the game?! There is not enough fire in the world to deal with this monstrosity.

Cazadors – Fallout: New Vegas

Perhaps the worst enemy on this entire list, Cazadors can make quick work of anyone who dares to roam through their territory. Not only are these blue bugs very fast, but they can slow the player down if they are poisoned. This makes escaping a swarm of Cazadors nearly impossible in the game and can result in many a “Game Overs.”  Not to mentioned there are also the Giant Cazadors  located in Fallout: New Vegas’ DLC, Honest Hearts.

The Pain – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The Pain, aka Gregg Berger, is one of the first members of Cobra you face as Snake. While he himself may not be a bug, the man has control of an entire swarm of angry hornets that he wraps around his arms like a bracelet. His boss fight can be a really challenging one since you always have to duck into the water so the hornets won’t attack you. He can also completely encompass himself in the little buggers, making it very difficult to deal damage unless he’s stunned. Because, ya know, the giant swarm of angry bugs wasn’t frustrating enough.

Everything – Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble is a game which has been lost to the ages, which is a damn shame given how absolutely awesome the soundtrack is. For those who haven’t played it, you are tasked with taking down an entire army of mutated insects that have been completely outfitted with all sorts of nasty weapons. From beetle tanks to hornets with lasers, every bug in this game is out for blood. This didn’t make the game easy, as Buck Bumble was known for being quite a challenging game back in the day. You just may never look at insects the same way again though.

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