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5 Things You Can Do While the Pokemon GO Servers are Down


5 Things You Can Do While the Pokemon GO Servers are Down

Please come back.

pokemon go release just yesterday, bringing the world its first taste of catching pokemon in real life. and we can’t forget that rush. for most of today, though, the pokemon servers have been down for a lot of people. a lot of people that are stuck with the regular world until they return. it sucks, I know.

while you’re waiting for pokemon go to come back online, you’ve probably found yourself trying to fill time with non-pokemon activities. it’s probably not working. going outside is useless now. why travel anywhere. you know every step you take, you are passing pokemon that are invisible to the naked eye but definitely are very real and very there. even your home is probably home to a rattata right now, and he’s sitting there, not being catched.

to keep you busy while servers are down, here’s what you can do as you wait for them to come back up. remember, real life is no substitute for pokemon go, but we’ll have to get through this dark time together. one day, we’ll be back to travelling and walking into street poles in our search to catch them all.

what’s your favorite pokemon go story so far? share some of your best adventures in the comments below, and let us know what you’re doing while pokemon go servers are down.

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