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10 Things Everyone Does While Playing Video Games

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10 Things Everyone Does While Playing Video Games

Even we’re guilty of these.

Gaming is a wholly unique medium due to the pure level of interactivity and different experiences each player can have. Unlike film or television, we have a direct impact on the choices that both the story and our character follows, allowing for unique moments that are ours alone. This is something that spans across all genres of gaming, allowing for a more diverse and personalized experience every time we boot up our favorite game. However, looking back on it there are some things we as gamers all seem to share outside of the love for video games. A few quirks and traits that almost seem passed down through the ages. They may come across as a bit silly, but we cannot help finding ourselves doing once and awhile. Here are 6 things we can’t help but find ourselves doing once and awhile.

Compulsively Cycle Weapons

Everybody knows that rapidly cycling between your weapons in any FPS conveys a sense of understanding and dare we say skill at the game. If you see someone flipping through their armament in CS:GO, rest assured this person is going to win the game for you.

Failing to be Sneaky (Despite Our Best Efforts)

Is there nothing more satisfying than sneaking through an entire dungeon undetected without a single guard catching you? Yeah, we still don’t know that feeling since every camera, guard dog, and soldier lock onto us like a moth to the flame.

Forgetting About the Main Mission

It’s amazing the sheer level of detail and content video games can include, as massive titles like Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 offer hundreds of hours of extras. From enthralling side quests, a mountain of mini games, interesting locations to discover, and hundreds of collectibles to gather you can get lost in a world for months. Hang on, weren’t we supposed to be saving the world or something? Ah, I’m sure it can wait, I need to beat a few more people at Gwent.

Flashbang Yourself

We’re pretty sure our grenades have defied physics before as they always end up landing directly in front of us right before they go off. You get bonus points if you flash yourself while your entire team is watching and silently judging you.

Leaning While Driving

Everybody knows that turning your body in accordance with your digital car will help you steer better. This is especially true for any kind of party racer such as Mario Kart of Diddy Kong Racing where you need to dodge wayward green shells and bananas.

Running to the Edge of the Map

With video games growing more and more advanced, the pure scale that some of them offer is awe inspiring. As soon as a game begins, especially in the open world genre, we need to see just how far off into the horizon we can voyage. Just be careful where you end up, some roads are better left untraveled.

Test If You Can Swim. Die.

It’s astounding how many video game characters are able to perform amazing acrobatic and combat related tricks, yet can’t last more than a minute in the deep end of the pool. Maybe next time we can bring some floaties or an inner tube with us on our adventure.

See If You Can Kill Your Companions/Teammates

Whether because of your poor aim or due to you needing to release anger upon the poor villagers, one always must test to see if the NPCs can be killed. Though this can easily backfire if the NPCs are armed to the teeth and decide to hunt you down without mercy.

Try to Climb Mountains You Were Never Meant To

Admit it, you’ve spent more than a few hours trying to scale terrain you clearly weren’t supposed too. Sometimes it’s just to get an advantage over your foes or just to push the game to its limits. It may take longer than you want, but reaching the top of that supposedly unreachable mountaintop is quite satisfying.

Obsessively Hoard Junk Loot

What we don’t have a problem! What if we need all those broken bottles, raggedy clothes, broken lamps, and desk fans in the future? It doesn’t help that video games like Fallout 4 encourage you to loot everything that’s not nailed down, which only makes our inventory fill up with utter rubbish.

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