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10 Best Pokemon Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays 2017


10 Best Pokemon Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays 2017

Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

The holiday season sees the release of a big new Pokemon game, with strategy guide to go along with it.

This adorable <a href=””>Pikachu bank</a> is done up in the style of those cute cat banks, and it’s an exclusive to ThinkGeek. If you want to get that Pokemon fan the cutest possible holiday gift, look no further.

The holidays are a time for cheer, gift giving, and of course ugly sweater parties. If someone you know is in desperate need of a new sweater, and they just so happen to love Pokemon, well you’re in luck. Feast your eyes on these Sweaters, with a <a href=””>red </a>,
<a href=””>green</a>, and
<a href=””>Pikachu</a> design.

Honestly, Build-A-Bear is always a great gift for any occasion. You can make it yourself and give it as a gift, or get a gift card and go with the person. It’s great for dates, or a fun trip with kids. It just so happens too that Build-A-Bear has an adorable <a href=””>selection of Pokemon</a> you can build now. You can choose from Pikachu, Eevee, Squirtle, Charmander, Meowth, and now Vulpix too.

With Pokemon GO still getting updates and new ones added, the mobile title still has quite a few players around the world. For anyone still invested in the game, the <a href=”;qid=1510172534&amp;sr=8-2&amp;keywords=pokemon+go+plus”>Pokemon GO Plus</a> is a must, letting you interact with the game without actually looking at your phone screen. You can get notified when a mon is nearby, check Pokestops, and even capture the ‘mon with just the GO Plus.

Everyone needs a good backpack or bag to carry around with them, and even better if it’s emblazoned with something you love. ThinkGeek has a whole selection of <a href=””>stylish Pokemon bags</a> made by Loungefly, that each come with a unique design. Like the Ghastly and Gengar design, or maybe Magikarp and Gyarados are more your style.

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