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10 Netflix Shows That Would Make Great Video Games


10 Netflix Shows That Would Make Great Video Games

Still watching, but also wanna play.

The Get Down

Marco Polo


House of Cards

Orange is the New Black



BoJack Horseman

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Stranger Things

Taking inspiration from its titular character’s earliest times in the court of Kublai Khan, Netflix’s second season found Marco and company protecting Khan’s throne from being usurped by power hungry Mongols. Taking inspiration from Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus, players will travel to spread Khan’s power, quashing rebellions and helping him grow in prominence.

Power corrupts, and there’s no higher power than being the President. As Commander in Chief, players would come to understand how Frank Underwood makes the choices he does, thanks to a Telltale-choice system that lets players decide what to do. This would be a good couch co-op game…assuming that you and your partner don’t come down to blows over choices to make. Broken Age let players switch between two characters at any point, and that would return here, alternating between Frank and Claire. Their relationship is complicated, to say the least, and it’d be fun if you got to make actions that could potentially screw yourself over.

Guns and drugs are weaved into the DNA of GTA, and that’s exactly what a game version of Netflix’s drama would draw influence from. Making choices as Pablo Escobar wouldn’t just cut it here, you have to play as one of his men making coke drops around the world and dealing with the DEA. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you gotta get your hands dirty.

It’s a rough time in prison, especially for the women at Litchfield. Instead of making a Prison Architect style game like you’d think, you would instead be a prisoner trying to live her life without getting caught up in everyone else’s BS. Of course, that doesn’t happen, but maybe you can try to reconnect with your family while you’re behind bars. Or make a new family of your own in prison. Think Gone Home, but with prison.

Eight people linked together mentally and emotionally sounds complicated, but the demand for Netflix to release the second season shows that it’s compelling. Putting players in a first person perspective would help them connect with each of the Sensates, along with giving them the ability to switch between characters at any point in time. Much like with GTA V’s character swap mechanic, you may find yourself in some interesting scenarios depending on when you show up into someone else’s life.

Back in the 90s, he was in a very famous TV show. These days, his life isn’t going all that hot, but that’s part of BoJack’s charm. His show is heavily driven on characters and relationships, and that’s what Telltale’s mechanics excel at. The reputation system would be back here, but the Crowd Play feature would be used to great effect here. When all your options are equally terrible (it’s BoJack we’re dealing with here), are you going to choose the best worst option, or the worst worst?

Is there any concept more game worthy than five people in control of giant robot lions that can form a giant robot person? While Netflix takes its sweet time delivering season two, an action co-op venture would be swell. Whether it’s switching between the Paladins or going it alone in single player, much fun could be had as the different members of Team Voltron. Add in some of No Man’s Sky’s random planets and free exploration, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic game.

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