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9 Movies That Should Have Been Video Games


9 Movies That Should Have Been Video Games

The Nun is about a spooky demon who has taken on the form of a nun in the Vatican that does demon things. Even if you haven’t seen this movie, you know what it’s about. Now, imagine playing a game as an investigator tasked with making their

way through the Vatican in an effort to determine exactly what’s going on. Perhaps you get trapped and then much like Alien: Isolation, you must escape the Vatican, all while trying to stay free of the Alien err Nun demon. video games video games assassin’s creed Fantastic Beasts Star Wars

The Raid: Redemption

Chronicle is basically an Infamous movie. Now, imagine Chronicle in the hands of Infamous developer, Sucker Punch. A super hero game set in the world of Chronicle where you follow a high school kid who, after finding a crystal underground, has superpowers. Much like infamous, you’re free to walk in between villain and hero (or choose a side). Wait, did we just write Infamous 3? video games assassin’s creed assassin’s creed Fantastic Beasts Star Wars

Fantastic Beasts isn’t by any means a terrible franchise (although the newest is threatening to make it so), but imagine playing it instead of watching it. A third-person wizard game set in 1920s New York where, while making your way through some magic quest line, you must also capture fantastic beasts, Pokemon style, to help you on your journey, much like they do for Newt Scamander in the movies. video games video games assassin’s creed Fantastic Beasts Star Wars

Fantastic Beasts

If you’ve seen Solo: A Star Wars Movie, you know exactly what kind of video game this movie would be: Star Wars Uncharted. With the witty banter and charisma of Han Solo (who is basically sci-fi Nathan Drake) and the set pieces of the movie, this third-person action adventure game is begging for someone like Naughty Dog to get their hands on it. Fantastic Beasts

A Cure for Wellness oozes Bioshock. It’s set in a strange, remote location, hidden from outside influences. It’s a movie where what’s on the surface hides the deep secrets down below with the mask of a thriller-horror movie. Let’s get Ken Levine and the ex-staff of Irrational Games back for a reunion where they make a new Bioshock and call it A Cure for Wellness. Fantastic Beasts Solo: A Star Wars Story 

Regardless of what you think of the movie, you can’t deny that a Rocksteady-developed game would be better. They absolutely nailed Batman with the Arkham series and nobody would argue that they deserve the chance to make a truly great Justice League game. Hell, put it in the Arkhamverse while you’re at it, Rocksteady. video game movies video game movies Star Wars

The Purge is asking for an urban battle-royale complete with blood-soaked masks of our founding fathers. Different areas on the map could include a downtown section, a suburban area, a city park and so much more. Toss in some verticality that comes with skyscrapers and you’ve got yourself a game that might actually be able to carve out a piece of the battle royale pie. video game movies video game movies

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