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10 New Items Pokemon Go Desperately Needs

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10 New Items Pokemon Go Desperately Needs

The perfect extras for your adventure.

Something that could be found in the wild around large grassy areas, these could be perfect for boosting your HP at the last minute just when you need it.

Powering up your Pokemon is great in Pokemon GO, but it doesn’t beat the classic Rare Candy way of leveling up your ‘mon. One of these in Pokemon GO could significantly boost your Pokemon’s CP, but don’t expect to find them very often.

As there’s no actual way to determine which evolution of Eevee you get, this raises the question: what about all the other Pokemon you need evolution stones for? If Niantic were to add in more Pokemon in the future, this would make your quest to catch ’em all that little bit harder.

PokeCoins are pretty darn hard to get at the moment in Pokemon GO, but if you pick up a Nugget from a wild Pokemon or from your local PokeStop, you could sell it at the Shop for a nice sum of the virtual currency. Make it happen Niantic.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you just can’t beat your opponents straight up in battle. Usable items such as Carbos, Dire Hit, and Calcium could help give your Pokemon deal a little bit more damage, or charge up their Special Attack that little bit faster.

Do you remember all of the different Apricorns you could collect in Pokemon Gold and Silver? Well how about adding them into Pokemon GO. You could either pick them up from your local PokeStop, found on Pokemon as items, or just found on the floor as you explore the great outdoors. Of course, they’d need a use… soooo

Yes, those Apricorns you’d been gathering on your adventure could then be used to create different Poke Balls to give you an advantage against specific types of Pokemon. Need help catching that Pokemon that keeps getting away? Turn some of those White Apricorns into a Fast Ball to finally claim it as your own.

Your Pokemon have two different moves: a basic and a special attack, but sometimes they’re not quite the set you want your Pokemon to have. With TMs and HMs, you could change at least the special attack of your Pokemon to really deal out the damage. This would certainly make Gym battles much more tactical.

So we mentioned consumable items before to improve your Pokemon’s effectiveness in battle, but what about holdable items. Things like Power Bands and Quick Claws could up your Pokemon’s ability to deal damage that little bit more. Of course, these wouldn’t be as common as your average Poke Ball or Potion, though.

Rounding off our list is everyone’s favorite item, EXP Share. Granting you the ability to boost the CP of two Pokemon at once from just one Power Up would be incredibly useful. Although, if we do say so ourselves, this should probably a limited-use item to avoid ruining the challenge of the game.

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