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10 Guest Fighters Perfect for Injustice 2


10 Guest Fighters Perfect for Injustice 2


10) Godzilla

The King of the Monsters has gone up against plenty of monsters, and will going up against King Kong in a few years (!). The only way things could get more crazy for him would be to go up against Transformers or the cast of Pacific Rim, but for now, he should be in Injustice 2. He could just be shrunken down to relatively normal size and

9) Talion

WB owns more than superheroes, and it’d be fun for them to bring in some Lord of the Rings characters for their superhero fighter. There doesn’t even need to be much explanation beyond the “he just ended up here” reasoning they did for Scorpion in Injustice 1. Talion boasts a good range of abilities–his sword and dagger, plus supernatural abilities–that would make him a great fighter to go up against folks like Batman and Aquaman.

8) Rico Rodriguez

The star of the Just Cause franchise may not seem like he’d last long in the world of Injustice 2, but this man’s a superhero all on his own. He pretty much already has Batman’s arsenal of ridiculous weapons and gadgets, and he’s also really good at liberating countries from evil dictators. Plus, his super move probably involves his tether, a Harrier jet, and a gas tanker, and that demands to be seen.

7) Adam Jensen

Injustice 1 had characters who fell into different “classes” of sorts–Batman was a tech class, Superman a strength class, and so on. Assuming Injustice 2 sticks with that method, Jensen would be a perfect tech character, which is obvious due to his augmentations. The gear system could play on this further by adding modifiers to his already well known Augs and tech, such as his arm blades and enhanced vision. Maybe something could be done with his wicked trenchcoat.

6) Ciri

Ciri became a fan favorite after players finally got a chance to play her in The Witcher 3, and WB would be wise to capitalize on that by having her beat the tar out of their iconic heroes. Geralt has taught her well, and after trying out her abilities on monsters and and Specters, superheroes should be a cakewalk.

5) Garnet

Is it probably a stretch to want a gay space rock from a kids cartoon to join the grim world of DC Comics? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Garnet is the fan favorite Crystal Gem of Steven Universe, and she just oozes cool. Her gauntlets and combat prowess would be like watching a dancer mix their moves in with martial arts.

4) Dante

Capcom’s stylish hero hasn’t been around in a while, but his abilities and attitude fit in perfectly with Netherrealm’s ridiculous world. Whether it’s the Dante from the first four games or the one from the new reboot, this guy oozes style and he’d look good kicking the ass of iconic DC characters. Except Wonder Woman, because…I mean, c’mon.

3) Bigby

DC’s Vertigo imprint allows them access to the Fables comic and its protagonist, Bigby Wolf. The man formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf may have hung up his violent ways to become the sheriff of Fabletown, but sometimes, you just have to let the animal out. Being able to huff and puff enemies solves the long and mid range problem, and his claws can do the rest.

2) Destiny Guardian

Injustice 2 is getting more cosmic with the arrival of Supergirl and Atrocitus, so why not take that a step further with the hero of Destiny? While guns would almost certainly be a part of their arsenal, it’d be the Supers that make up the spotlight here. The Gear system for Netherrealm’s fighter would incorporate the different classes and sub-classes to allow for players to feel like they’re playing their Guardian from the game.

1) Lightning (FF XIII)

Lightning is, like it or not, one of the most identifiable heroes of the Final Fantasy saga, which is to be expected given how many games she’s appeared in. It’s not exactly crazy for Final Fantasy characters to appear in different games (that’s literally the whole point of Kingdom Hearts), and Injustice 2 could use a heavy hitter. Lightning Returns had a clothing system that could be incorporated into combat, and the Gear system here could make fun use of this. She’s modeled for Louis Vuitton, after all.

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