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10 Gaming Animals That Would Make Great Pets IRL

video game characters we would love as pets

10 Gaming Animals That Would Make Great Pets IRL

There are some video game characters out there that are just too talented and adorable that we can’t help but want them all to ourselves. Cuddling up in bed with a snuggly Pikachu or riding to work on my trusty steed, Epona, is a dream come true. Here are 10 video game characters that we would love to have as pets of our own.

Morgana (Persona 5)

Morgana is a talking cat in Persona 5 that thinks that he used to be a human and hopes to turn back one day. This powerful yet adorable kitty better stay in this form of his, because he would be the best pet ever. Humans are boring and somehow aren’t as cuddly.

Detective Pikachu (Pokemon Series)

The Pikachu that we know and love from the main Pokemon series is popular and cool and all, but Detective Pikachu is way better. I no longer will have to go on coffee dates by myself, he doesn’t have to be walked, and if I ever find myself being accused of a crime, Detective Pikachu will find some evidence and save my butt –what’s not to like?

Epona (The Legend of Zelda)

Epona appears in pretty much every Zelda game in some way, popping out of n0where after just hearing a blow of a whistle from Link. She’ll be able to take you to far away places with the power of her favorite snack, carrots. Who needs a car when you got a horse that’ll stay by your side no matter what?

Rush (Mega Man)

Rush from the Mega Man series is a robotic dog that was developed by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man out while he’s defeating the bosses in their respective stages. He’s mostly known for his transformative powers, allowing Rush to turn into things like a spring, and a hoverboard, letting Mega Man jump to higher places and glide to safety.

Chocobo (Final Fantasy)

Chocobo’s are adorable yellow-colored chickens(?) found throughout the Final Fantasy series. They’re mostly used for traversal with folks jumping on their backs to get around. I would probably look ridiculous riding on such a creature, but everyone would be low-key jealous of me.

Trico (The Last Guardian)

Trico is the adorable monster that the story of The Last Guardian centers on. Taking control of Trico in the game can prove to be quite difficult, especially in the beginning, but once he warms up to you and understands what you want, he’ll never stop protecting and loving you.

K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing)

K.K. Slider is the coolest dog that you’ll find in Animal Crossing. He plays his little acoustic guitar at the local coffee shop in town on specific nights and he also sings. His voice is so silky smooth and I would love nothing more than for this dog to put me to sleep by performing a lullaby right in my bedroom.

Fatter Cat Mount (FFXIV)

The Fatter Cat Mount in Final Fantasy XIV is the cutest thing that I have ever laid my eyes on. It has long, beautiful eyelashes, and has adorable little ribbons on its feet. This cat can also defy the laws of gravity and just float to wherever you need to go. Apparently, the Fatter Cat is a deceased pet that was reanimated with special abilities, but we can just look past that for now…

Yoshi (Super Mario)

I feel as if Mario doesn’t really take good care of Yoshi, especially watching him punch Yoshi in the face to get to higher ground by jumping off of him and leaving him to die in a pit. I can take better care of Yoshi; he will be my ride to pretty much everywhere and I will feed him all of the apples that I can get my hands on.

Dogmeat (Fallout)

Dogmeat might just look like a normal dog, but he’s actually a… no… wait; yea, he’s just your average dog when it comes to looks. But Dogmeat is the most loyal, affectionate, and vicious pet that you can have as your comrade. If someone were to even look your way in a strange manner, you can bet that Dogmeat will be defusing that situation without a moment’s notice.

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