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The Funniest Audience Signs We’ve Seen in Overwatch League So Far

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The Funniest Audience Signs We’ve Seen in Overwatch League So Far

Bow before the giant Jeff Kaplan head.

Audience members can sure get creative in the Overwatch League, with handmade signs filling almost every game so far.

One fan of the voice of Roadhog brought along a huge cutout of Josh Petersdorf’s head, a pretty happy looking Josh Petersdorf head one might add.

With all the hub bub about the rise and fall of Mercy with the seemingly endless buffs and nerfs the last few months, some audience goers felt it necessary to share their opinions via signs. Some read delete Mercy, buff Mercy, and as see here, nerf her yet again apparently.

This is how Widowmaker must look whenever Fleta plays her in a league game.

The enthusiastic punch kid has become a meme pretty much since he was seen in the announcement trailer for Overwatch at Blizzcon a few years ago, it would seem wrong to not see him in at least one sign at Overwatch League sign now.

This golden Junkrat trap “Triggered” sign stole the show during this particular round table discussion at the end of a match.

An adorable handmade drawing of everyone’s (and Bastion’s) favorite bird, Ganymede.

This guy knows the right way to be a fan when you’re still not sure which team is the good one yet.

Shoutout to the guy who lost his Outlaws jersey to an ex and still made his way to the front row of an Outlaws match. The sign reads “My ex still has my Outlaws jersey so I made this sign to show support.”

It seems the whole front row was enjoying this massive head of Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan. When it wasn’t peeking it’s head over the shoulders of announcers, it was getting its nose picked by other audience members.

This sign shows the desperation of every Symmetra main to finally see their precious support character played in a match. Maybe one day.

After those top 10, here is a bonus stuffed seagull one Dallas Fuel fan brought to a match and sat on the announcers shoulders to show support for Seagull himself.

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