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10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

anime like guilty crown

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Looking for more anime like Guilty Crown if you need something to scratch the itch? Here are 10 perfect candidates to fill that void for you right now.

Fate Stay/Night (2014)

In a world where magic is real and used by those with the talent to cast it, there is a competition between the best of the best for control of a wish granting artifact known as the Holy Grail. With it, anyone of the competitors can have their deepest wish granted, reshaping reality as they see fit.

Shiro Emiya, a normal high school student and amateur mage, is drawn into this contest by accident one night when one of the seven competitors spots him and tries to kill him. However, once he reaches his home, a Saber familiar comes to his aid and protects him, entering him into the competition as a result.

What follows is a desperate battle for survival as Shiro must take on enemies both determined and deranged in their ambitions for the Grail. He’ll find allies and friends along the way, but only after suffering intense hardships at the hands of the forces at play behind the scenes.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Blast of Tempest

Yoshino Takigawa, a regular high school student, enjoys a peaceful life until his girlfriend Aika Fuwa and her parents are mysteriously murdered. Aika’s brother and Yoshino’s friend, Mashiro, swears he’ll find those responsible and disappears for a month.

When Mashiro returns, he reveals that he has enlisted the help of a woman from the Kusaribe clan with supernatural powers. She revealed to him that her brother sought to harness the powers of the Tree of Exodus, and as a result was involved in Aika’s death. If he isn’t stopped, many more could die as well.

Detirmined to help Masher and learn how Aika was caught up in this strange plot, Yoshino joins his friend in a quest to stop this man and his followers before they can cause any more death and destruction. Dire secrets will be uncovered along the way, and both boys will have to face the aftermath of what is learned.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar


In the not to distant future, the world has entered a dystopian peace under the Sybil System, an AI program which can determine whether someone will become a criminal as early as their birth.

There are still those who slip through the cracks and commit crimes though, and for that reason there are Enforcers to keep the peace and eliminate criminals.

Akane Tsunemori is a new recruit to these Enforcers, joining a team made up of those deemed low risk and peaceful as well as those like the rough-shod Shinya Kogami who are on the cusp of being labeled criminals.

Alongside this team, she dutifully tries to keep the peace and obey the laws of the Sybil System. However, after an encounter with a criminal who can commit crimes in spite of the system’s watchful eye, she begins to see behind the curtain of its functions and sets out to uncover its true purpose.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Akame ga Kill!

Tatsumi, a young warrior from a remote village, is eager to find a way to help support his village and improve the lives of those who live there. To this end, he sets out with his two friends toward the Capital to find a way to make his fortune and bring it back to his home.

Things quickly turn sour, however, when he is separated from his friends and taken in by a noble family. Shortly after, the rebel faction Night Raid attacks the nobles’ home and reveals the nobles kidnapped his friends, torturing them for pleasure due to their unchecked power thanks to the country’s corrupt monarchy.

Furious, Tatsumi swears vengeance against the country’s regime and joins Night Raid, eager to help them bring about a new government meant to help the many. The dangers ahead of him and his new allies are many, but he’ll happily sell his soul to protect his new allies and save the country he calls home.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Seraph of the End

After an Apocalyptic virus wipes out the world’s adult population in 2012, vampires emerged and enslaved the remains of humanity for use as cattle on carefully monitored, underground blood farms.

Yuichiro, a young boy at one of these farms, dreams of escaping from this life with his friends, but sees it all fall apart when their plotted escape is discovered.

All of his friends are killed in the escape, but as a result Yuichiro successfully reaches the surface and is saved by the Moon Demon Company. A human rebel faction, they fight the vampires for control of the earth with weapons and powers granted by pacts with demons.

Filled with anger at the loss of those he held most dear, Yuichiro swears he’ll take revenge by killing every vampire on Earth and enlists in the Moon Demon Company. Through them, he aims to gain his own demon weapon and become strong enough to never lose anyone he cares about ever again.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia is a prince in hiding, forced into exile after his mother’s death and the destruction of his friend’s country caused a falling out with his father, Charles zi Britannia. He dreams of dismantling the totalitarian empire of Britannia, but has lacked the power needed to do so since his ouster.

This changes when he is caught up in a terrorist attack and inadvertently saves a young woman at its center. Before they are both killed by government forces, she grants him the supernatural power known as Geass, allowing him to command anyone he makes eye contact with to do as he says.

With this new power, Lelouch begins his attack on the Britannian Empire in earnest. Through careful strategizing, manipulation and a fair bit of mech-based warfare, he’ll build a new world where his father’s tyranny is destroyed and a gentler life for him and his friends can flourish.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Soul Eater

What if the world were filled to the brim with monsters, witches, and other supernatural threats in need of killing? This is the premise posed by Soul Eater, and its solution is to train up teenagers with the ability to become weapons capable of killing said threats.

At the Death Weapon Meister Academy, teams of wielder and weapon students train toward their goal of crafting Death Weapons, or weapons capable of being wielded by Death to slay the world’s more nefarious threats.

Key among them are Maka Albarn, the daughter of a Death Weapon and former wielder, and her partner Soul Eater, a young boy who can become a scythe. The two soon find themselves drawn into a plot by an evil witch which could threaten the very balance of the world.

As such, they must team up with their friends and work toward making Soul a Death Weapon capable of stopping this threat. They’ll face countless threats along the way, but they’ll also learn how to strengthen their own souls with the bonds they make along the way.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Eureka Seven

Renton Thurston, the son of a scientist who saved the world from destruction, dreams of a life more interesting than the one he currently leads living with his mechanic grandfather. He hopes to one day join Gekkostate, a rebel group of mech pilots and lifters who surf through the sky on special wind currents.

A chance at this comes when a special mech, piloted by the enigmatic Gekkostate member Eureka, crashes into his room. In need of repairs and a special component to strengthen her mech, she came to Renton’s grandfather’s shop while on the run from government forces and needs their help post-haste.

As a result, Renton is ordered by his grandfather to deliver said special component to Gekkostate and is allowed to join the group as a result. What he soon learns, however, is that their lives and exploits are far more dangerous than he once thought, and that he may play a role in deciding the fate of the world.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Neon Genesis Evangelion

After an apocalyptic attack by angelic beings brings the Earth to the edge of destruction, the world’s governments come together to devise a way to counter this new threat. Their answer comes in the form of EVAs, mechanized robotic weapons that special individuals can pilot to combat the beings directly.

Shinji Ikari, a young boy, is one such special individual, though he only learns this through a letter from his estranged father requesting he come to a government base in Tokyo.

Though terrified of the risks it brings and the consequences his failure could create, he reluctantly accepts and goes to Tokyo. Once there, however, he experiences first-hand the gravity of the threats he’ll soon face on a regular basis and the brutality of the fights in which he’ll soon be at the center of.

Full of raw and captivating mech fights paired with debilitatingly accurate portrayals of the pilots’ mental turmoil, Evangelion should scratch most anyone’s itch for an epic tragedy or a genre deconstruction. It also helps that the series is set to become more easily accessible thanks to Netflix’s acquisition of its license.

10 Anime Like Guilty Crown if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Attack on Titan

For over a century, humanity has lived in relative peace behind massive walls that keep the man-eating giants known as Titans at bay. This all changes, however, when two strange Titans create a massive breach near the town of Shiganshina, letting loose hundreds of the monsters on the helpless populace.

Eren Jeager, a child who survives this brutal attack, swears vengeance on the Titans and promises to kill every last one of them. He enlists in the military and trains to combat them directly, even earning one of the top spots among his class.

He believes himself ready to take them on when another breach occurs, but is nearly killed when his squad is wiped out by the ensuing flood of Titans. And yet he survives thanks to a strange ability that awakens in him, allowing him to take the form of a titan and fight them on equal ground.

What follows is Eren and humanity’s struggle to capitalize on this newfound boon. After years of fighting a losing battle, they may finally be able to break free from the walls and expand into the outside world, learning where the Titans came from and what their purpose is in the process.

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