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10 Actors Who Should Totally Play Deathstroke in the Batman Movie


10 Actors Who Should Totally Play Deathstroke in the Batman Movie

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Earlier today, Ben Affleck up and tweeted a video of Deathstroke for whatever reason. Lest you think that would be the end of it, it was reported just hours later that the famous assassin would be the main villain Affleck’s upcoming solo Batman movie. The internet, needless to say, lost their minds at such news, and everyone’s begun fancasting for the role, so why shouldn’t we?

Serkis is a good actor when he’s not doing mocap (and yes, he’s great in mocap as well), and he’s also got a bit of a mischievousness about him. You could say that he’s playfully dangerous. The deranged fun that could come from him as Deathstroke would allow us to see a different side of both Slade and possibly the Dark Knight as well.

Sanada knows how to play someone with their own code of honor, but also not afraid to get his hands bloody, especially if it involves a sword. If the typical hyper competent Slade or Serkis’ deranged Slade don’t get picked, maybe one who sees Batman as a possible ally could be done.

Jackman’s final Wolverine movie will be dropping next year, so he’s going to need something to do to keep his body in freakishly great shape. Slade’s supposed to be a jacked up supersoldier, and there’s no actor that’s as freakishly in good shape the way that Jackman quite is.

Lincoln’s spent years playing a guy hardened by trauma and people dying in front of him, so he can perfectly bring that across as Deathstroke. He may not be the most dangerous character on the Walking Dead, but being around him still isn’t the most calming thing in the world.

Sure, he’s the guy best known for taking his shirt off and dancing to Backstreet Boys. But he’s got the bod for it and his rugged handsomeness can be the perfect swerve for the killer that he actually is. Not too far off from Batfleck, actually.

Jokes about constantly dying aside, Sean Bean is a legit great actor who really doesn’t get a chance to be both dignified and completely own in action scenes. Mixing his deceptive charisma with action know-how would show people that Bean can cut it with the best of them. Plus, henchmen can do the dying for him this time. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to see Snipes unleash his full badass in a way that meets his Blade levels. The man can still throw down, and what better way to show his comeback by having him be a legendary DC antihero.

As anyone who saw Don’t Breathe this past weekend knows, Lang can be a real hardass and really freaking scary. Slade is supposed to be a deadly assassin who was genetically engineered, and portraying him as a scary, jacked up man would make him near identical to Batman in a way that would make Bruce think. The Teen Titans cartoon presented Deathstroke as a guy who was always in control of the situation, even when it didn’t seem like it. That’s Washington in spades, and the man has a commanding enough presence to where you can believe he can go toe to toe with Ben Affleck.

Fehr is a classy and dignified fellow, and that’s not always something you associate with Deathstroke, but he can certainly pull it off. Even if he’s not much of a complete beast on the battlefield, the man is so charming that he could probably kick Ben Affleck’s ass just with his words.

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