Top 10 Demon Slayer Tattoo Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Your Slaying Potential

Here's some great Demon Slayer Demon Slayer Tattoo ideas.

Demon Slayer has reinvigorated the feudal Japan samurai genre of anime and added gorgeous visuals along with the ever-popular supernatural and horror genres of Japanese culture. Many new anime fans came to fruition thanks to Demon Slayer, and there are plenty of people out there who want to share how much they enjoy the series. If you’re someone who’s been thinking about getting inked, here are the top 10 Demon Slayer Tattoo ideas to breath new life into your slaying potential.

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Elemental Samurai Swords

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Swords are undoubtedly the signature weapons of the show, and they stand out when Tanjiro uses his water-breathing style with fantastic visuals. Any of the elemental breathing styles would look great as tattoo art, especially when emulating the art style of the special effects, and you can be creative by opting between the manga or anime representation.

Inosuke Pig Mask

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Inosuke is arguably the most stand-out character in the entire series, and not just because of his obnoxious boar mask but also due to his short temper, overconfidence, and a wild personality. He’s entertaining and notoriously memorable, and that’s what makes him a fan favorite for so many. Show your support for this character, and just be sure to steer clear of any bacon.

Demon Slayer Title in Japanese

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

This one’s straightforward but also very stylish if done right. Depending on where you place this ink, the Japanese font will look chic and minimalistic with a high-fashion design. Places to consider are the forearm, shoulder, or on one of your fingers.

Urokodaki’s Tengu Mask

demon-slayer-urokodaki tengu mask
Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Originally used to represent supernatural tengu from the Japanese Shinto religion, Urokodaki’s mask has an aggressive look that’ll help intimidate his opponents. While his true face remains a mystery, fans can show how much they like his character by getting ink that resembles his mask. He also has fancy-looking cloud patterns decorated over his robe, and those can be used in combination with his mask to complete his character’s essence.

Hotaru and Kozo’s Hyottoko Masks

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

The masks worn by these characters are easily the most humorous of all masks in Demon Slayer and are a perfect choice if you’re someone known for having a funny and goofy personality. Masks such as these have traditionally been used by clown-type performers, and the exaggerated puckered lips are for smoking pipes or blowing fire.

Hotaru and Kozo are vital characters belonging to the Demon Slayer Corps and are responsible for forging and maintaining the swords used by members. They both have extreme personalities that show the passion and zeal they possess for swordsmithing, and their masks suit the comic relief they help provide for the anime.

Sabito and Giyu Kitsune Masks

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Kitsune masks have always been popular in Japanese culture in theaters, festivals, and occasions, tracing back to folklore and religion. They’ve been worn in other anime stories, but the specific design of these two characters is recognizable for their unique personalities.

The backstory of these masks explains how Urokodaki enacted protection spells on these masks as he customized them for his apprentices. Without giving away spoilers, these characters have a memorable battle against the hand demon, and that makes them special favorites for many fans and gives even greater significance to their masks.

Tanjiro’s Hakuko Mask

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Tanjiro is the main character so his mask will be the most popular for a good reason, and there may be deeper meanings behind this kitsune mask, but it might have been chosen for him simply because he’s a disciple of Urokodaki. When Sakonji Urokodaki gave it to Tanjiro, he didn’t specify anything about it other than it will help protect him from harm due to the spell Sakonji cast on it.

To differentiate it from a traditional kitsune mask, Tanjiro’s mask has more of a cartoony anime style and a sun peaking over the left ear that could symbolize spreading light in a dark world. Overall, it has a clean and appealing design that makes it fun to display, so it makes a perfect choice if Demon Slayer is your favorite anime and Tanjiro is your favorite character.

Nezuko’s Face or Strip of Bamboo Guard

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Returning Nezuko to a normal girl is the final goal of Tanjiro, which is a cause worth fighting for, but she’s a main character in her own right. Nezuko has plenty of dramatic and emotional moments that make her the favorite of many Demon Slayer fans. Not to mention, her budding relationship with Zenitsu puts a smile on the face of anyone who’s feeling romantic.

Still Life Fighting Moment

Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

One of the most epic ways to get an anime tattoo is to have an entire scene inked on a part of your body, and with Demon Slayer, there are some amazing fight scenes to use as the basis for your inspiration. With all the colorful effects and clothing, this can piece an eye-catching piece that will impress any fan of Demon Slayer. The goal is to have a scene from the anime come to life and jump right off your body when anyone looks at it, instantly bringing them back into the moment if they’ve seen the anime. 

Character Art

demon-slayer-art tanjiro
Image Source: Crunchyroll via Twinfinite

Similar to the still life-fighting moment idea, this idea would be more catered to a portrait, either a headshot or a full body pose. Either way, the focus is on a clean and accurate representation of your favorite character from the series that’s highly detailed and looks almost realistic.

Another important aspect to consider is the emotion and expression of the character. It might seem understated, but if you chose Tanjiro and had him giving a pleasing smile or a neutral look, it might have a more profound effect than something that looks angry or aggressive.

Even though the Demon Slayer series has come to an end, there’s a new anime announcement during the Machi Asobi event to learn more about. If you’ve finished watching Demon Slayer and are looking for your new fix, check out the top 10 best anime like Demon Slayer. The next time you’re ready to get inked, you’ll know the top 10 Demon Slayer Tattoo ideas to breath new life into your slaying potential.

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