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5 Incredible Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Detroit: Become Human


5 Incredible Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Detroit: Become Human

Emma’s Stuff

5 Tiny Details in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human

When looking at the minutia of detail in a game that focuses on your ability to notice the seemingly insignificant, you’ll likely start to become desensitized to the lengths at which a fully realized world has been painstakingly created. Case in point: Emma’s room in the opening segment of the game.

As you proceed to forage around her belongings, you’ll assemble a profile of what has happened here, but aesthetically, there are several minor touches that help to create an overall image of the young girl. On the band of her headphones, it says that she had been listening to Emma’s Playlist. You can also see her name appear in the top right corner of her tablet as Connor watches the video of her and Daniel.

Are these details relevant to your investigation? Not in the slightest. But are they things that you would reasonably expect to see on an electronic device? Absolutely. Hopefully, Emma’s got some Stevie Wonder on that playlist.

Pizza Delivery

5 Tiny Details in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human

When Kara first enters the crummy abode of her owner Todd, she will be tasked with cleaning up the considerable mess he has left around. Thanks for that, Todd, ya stinkin’ slob! I hope your hockey team gets blanked.

Strewn about the place are pizza boxes from Detroit Pizza and Deli, which bear the phone number 1-555-0182. The origin of 555 numbers is quite fascinating, as many of them exist primarily for the purposes of fictional use. According to a Business Insider interview with an AT&T historian, numbers between 555-0100 and 555-0199 have been officially designated for use in Hollywood, and lo and behold, your friends at Detroit Pizza and Deli fall into this range.

The 1 is a little bit more dubious. The area code for Detroit is 313, which is conspicuously absent; however, 1 is indeed the country dialing code for the USA. Useful if you intend on ordering a sweet calzone from overseas, perhaps.

Red Ice

5 Tiny Details in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human

Pizza isn’t the only unhealthy treat old Toddy is into, you know.

While in the process of sourcing detergent to do the washing, Kara happens upon a stash of Red Ice. It is a fictional drug unique to the world of Detroit: Become Human, possessing a potent blend of acetone, lithium, toluene, hydrochloric acid, and thirium. If you’re keen on pulling a Walter White and mixing up a batch for yourself, you’ll be disappointed to know that thirium doesn’t actually exist. It’s also the main ingredient in the blue blood flowing through android bodies, which suggests it’s probably fairly unhygienic and just downright yucky.

The interesting thing worth noting in Kara’s analysis is that the molecular formula stated (C17H21NO4) has a real-life equivalent in cocaine. Why Red Ice would have the same mole ratios as a completely different drug isn’t quite clear, but it’s handy to know that if you ever have to get an android started up, a quick hit of coke is all it takes. That’s the excuse I’m taking to court, anyway.

Deee-troit Basketball!

5 Tiny Details in Detroit: Become Human

Oh, this one is just fun. Amongst all of the tension swirling around between humans and androids, one of the hot topics is whether artificial beings will be permitted to participate in professional sports. A magazine article touts a prototype for a quarterback that can throw from end zone to end zone – basically Jeff George, only without all of the baggage.

Tuning into the sports channel reveals that Detroit will be playing in a key basketball game against Denver, and though the major focus is obviously the android controversy, there’s a neat little touch in there, too: Detroit’s team name is the Gears, a double meaning that can be considered a reference to the rise of technology, or alternatively, a parallel to Detroit’s NBA team, the Pistons.

Could this suggest that Blake Griffin is an android? Possibly, but our first guess would actually be Hedo Turkoglu. There’s no way that weird “ball” interview back in 2010 wasn’t a glitch.

Eyebrows on Fleek

5 Tiny Details in Detroit: Become Human

It may seem like a weird thing to bring your attention to, but while you’re peering at the character models in Detroit: Become Human, feel free to take a good, hard look at their eyebrows. Don’t worry, they’re robots – it won’t be that awkward.

The graphics in the game are incredible as a whole, but those eyebrows are top notch. It could be as easy as copying and pasting the same basic design for every character, but no, they all look completely unique from one another. Even Todd’s are a pleasure to look upon, so long as he’s not on a violent spree while we try to admire his features. As we move closer to true photorealism in video games, we can reflect on 2018 as being a landmark year – one where we finally nailed authentic-looking eyebrows. What a time to be alive.

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