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The Best Infamous Games: All 5 Ranked

Infamously fun.

The Infamous series was one of the first proper superhero games of the PS3 generation, and it continued into the PS4 generation with its fair share of high points and not too many lows. While many don’t hold the series in as high acclaim as other Sony franchises, like Uncharted or God of War, Infamous has a special place in the hearts of many PlayStation fans. It’s nearing a decade since the last major release, but many games in the series hold up despite their age. Here’s a list of the best Infamous games and expansions, ranked.

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5. Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

A vampire preparing to attack in Infamous: Festival of Blood.
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Infamous: Festival of Blood is a standalone expansion of Infamous 2, featuring Cole MacGrath trapped in a vampiric state on Pyre Night in New Marais, a bold choice for a superhero game. It does not follow the series’ canon timeline. Instead, it is framed as a story Zeke recounts to impress a woman at a bar.

The expansion notably stepped away from the Karmic choices from previous entries, which limited the replay value. The combat can become tedious at times, as players are forced to fight the same vampire enemies over and over again. Festival of Blood’s story has some chilling moments, but it relies on popular horror tropes, which make it feel more predictable than the franchise’s other narratives.

4. Infamous

Cole MacGrath hanging from a building and shooting lightning from his hand.
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The first Infamous game, released as a PlayStation exclusive in 2009, helped Sucker Punch Productions elevate their reputation from the studio that developed the Sly Cooper series. The game puts players in the shoes of Cole MacGrath, a man with a host of electrical powers that could be used to save or destroy Empire City, depending on the player’s choice.

It’s a great game, but its low placement on this list results from its age. The somewhat stiff gameplay of the first Infamous doesn’t hold up very well compared to the smoother handling of successive entries in the series. It’s understandable since it was the first game, but it’s also a good thing, as it shows that the series had an impressive framework to build upon.

3. Infamous: First Light

Abigail from Infamous First Light
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Infamous: First Light is the most recent entry in the series, featuring the popular secondary character from Second Son, Fetch. Her neon-based move set and tragic backstory made her a perfect candidate for her own spin-off expansion. First Light employs many of the best aspects of the previous game. The responsive movement controls make traversal through Curdun Cay feel great, and using Fetch’s neon powers is incredibly satisfying.

There isn’t a morality system like the previous entries, as the game’s story is set before the events of Second Son. It also bounces back and forth between two timelines, putting somewhat of a damper on the traditional open-world experience that defined the previous games. Still, it is an excellent piece of DLC and one of the best Infamous experiences.

2. Infamous: Second Son

Delson using his powers against enemy soldiers.
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Delsin Rowe takes over in Sucker Punch’s PS4 debut. Infamous: Second Son takes players to Seattle, Washington, where Rowe’s chance encounter with a Conduit gives him powers of his own. After the vicious Augustine attacks his tribe, Rowe goes after her to steal some of her powers and save his people.

A variety of powers, plenty of enemy forces to fight, and a sprawling open world make Second Son an entertaining game. Infamous has never looked or felt better. Whether flying through the air with Video powers or launching smooth rockets, Rowe always feels powerful but never grossly overpowered. The story is somewhat cut and dry, though, especially considering the nuance and depth of previous installments in the Infamous series. Still, the gameplay alone makes up for it.

1. Infamous 2

Cole MacGrath preparing to leap from a building with his lightning powers charged.
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Infamous 2 once again features protagonist Cole MacGrath. This time, he takes on the New Orleans-inspired city of New Marais. Cole still uses his electrical powers from the first game but can obtain fire or ice abilities depending on karmic choices made throughout the main story.

Players have the chance to use a variety of environmental structures that enable Cole to move quickly across the map. The combat gameplay offers many layers of challenge with dynamic enemies. Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of Infamous 2 is the main story. The conclusion masterfully navigates the complexity of Karmic paths players take over, leading to an impactful conclusion to Cole’s story.

There you have it—our list of the best Infamous games. What are yours? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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