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The Best Infamous Games: All 5 Ranked


The Best Infamous Games: All 5 Ranked

Infamously fun.


The house that Sony built consists of exclusive titles includes games such as the bombastic Uncharted series, to the choice-centric Heavy Rain. One of the first proper superhero games of the last generation, the Infamous series has had its fair share of highs, and not too many lows. While many think the games don’t reach the level of quality as the Uncharted series, Infamous is still a beloved property to man. Throughout the series, players take control of super powered individuals who either chose to use their powers for good or bad. As of this point, we have several substantial pieces of DLC, plus three main instalments in the series. Let’s rank the Infamous games, and see which one comes out on top.

5) Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, PS4, Sucker Punch

Released in October of 2011, the expansion for Infamous 2, Infamous: Festival of Blood, does not follow the main canon of the Infamous series, as Zeke initiates the DLC while recounting the events to a woman at the bar. The expansion does away with Karmic choices for playable protagonist Cole McGrath, as he is trapped in a vampiric state on Pyre Night in New Marais.

The absence of Karmic choices means there is no real reason to replay the expansion once it’s over. It’s still very fun to play, but players are forced to fight the same vampire enemies over and over again. Festival of Blood’s narrative, while haunting, reuses several popular tropes from the horror genre, meaning it feels a little bit more predictable than other stories in the series.

4) Infamous

Infamous, PS3, Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Productions’ claim to fame was the Sly Cooper series, a 3D platformer starring a thieving raccoon in three successful entries on the PS2. However, many would learn their name when the Seattle-based developed blew up Empire City in Infamous, the PlayStation 3 exclusive released in 2009. Taking on the role of Cole McGrath, players were given a whole host of electrical powers to use as they attempted to save or rule over the devastated city.

It’s a good game, but it is much lower on this list than some may think because of how it has aged. The developers learned a lot from previous installments, only making movement and gameplay better as the series went forth. Gliding around, using the environment and the player’s own powers in subsequent entries feels smooth, but in this one Cole still feels stiff. It’s understandable, as the series has grown up, and that’s certainly a good thing.

3) Infamous: First Light

Infamous: First Light

Fetch was a popular secondary character in Infamous: Second Son. With her neon-based move set and her tragic backstory, she was the perfect candidate for her own DLC spinoff. Infamous: First Light utilizes many of the aspects of Infamous: Second Son that make the game great. While you’re limited to the neon based-powers, those are arguably the best powers in the game.

Traversal through Curdun Cay is still great, as the series retains the responsive movement its known for, but it’s very different from the mainline Infamous games. There isn’t a morality system, as the events are directly before those of Infamous: Second Son, and we more or less know how the story is going to end. It also bounces back and forth between two different timelines, so those looking for the traditional open world experience may be confused, but that shouldn’t stop players from checking out a very good piece of DLC.

2) Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son, PS4, Sucker Punch

Delsin Rowe takes over in Sucker Punch’s PS4 debut. Infamous: Second Son takes us to Seattle, Washington, where Rowe’s chance encounter with a Conduit gives him powers of his own. After this tribe is attacked by the vicious Augustine, Rowe goes after her in an attempt to steal some of her own powers and save his people.

A variety of powers, plenty of enemy forces to fight, and a big, sprawling open world make this a very fun game to play. Infamous has never looked or felt better. Whether flying through the air with video powers, or launching smoke rockets, Rowe always feels powerful, but never overpowered to the point of stupidity. The story is rather cut and dry, especially considering how nuanced and deep the main narrative was in the previous installments. Rowe’s devil may care attitude may also turn some away, but in the end Infamous has never played so well.

1) Infamous 2

Zeke Infamous

In the beginning of the game, Cole abandons Empire City as the Beast totally destroys the first game’s setting. The abandonment of the city also signals how Cole himself will change as a character. Infamous 2 then takes you down to New Marais, heavily inspired by New Orleans. You’ll keep the usual electrical powers, but Infamous 2 also unlocks either ice or fire powers depending on your karmic choices made throughout the story.

From Flood Town to Gas Works, all the way through Ascension Parish and Ville Cochon, players will have the chance to use a variety of environmental structures that allow Cole to move fast and far across the map. Enemies are dynamic, providing many layers of difficulty. But perhaps it’s the main story and its conclusion that feels so satisfying, while remaining faithful to the different Karmic paths the player has taken over the course of the two games.

There you have it, our list of the best Infamous games. What are yours? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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