Top 15 Best Tekken 7 Characters

The best of the bunch.
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Steve Fox

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Best Tekken 7 Characters

Steve Fox cannot kick at all. You would think that missing a whole world of attacks would put him at a disadvantage, but he’s actually the top-rated fighter in Tekken 7, and for a very good reason. Steve is a boxer, which means he’s a master at throwing hands, but what many forget is that boxers are also ridiculously good at not getting hit.

Both of the kick buttons become dodges, ducks, spins, and other slippery maneuvers that allow you to constantly set up and punish your opponents with speed and power. There is almost no situation that Steve Fox can’t get out of. He can quickly avoid any Mid-High attacks, and quickly return a jab, straight, hook, or any other powerful blow. Steve is also great for dishing out big combos.

One note is that it does take some time and patience to fully learn him. Sure, he’s quick and powerful, but he isn’t built for button mashing. In the right hands, though, he’s virtually unbeatable.

Sergei Dragunov

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Even to this day, there are Tekken 7 players who believe Sergei Dragunov is just a broken character who’s all but guaranteed victory in the hands of any decent Tekken 7 player. While these criticisms aren’t completely true, they aren’t completely false either. In a fighting game, you typically want each character to excel in one or two areas while having clear weaknesses in others. Even if a character is well balanced, that typically means they are good at a lot of things but not necessarily great at anything. Dragunov excels at being able to apply pressure, and his mobility on screen is just enough to give an advantage over most other characters in the game. Combine all this with the fact that Dragunov is easy to learn but hard to master and you have a character who is one of the best all-around picks in the game.


Best Tekken 7 Characters

Hworang first appeared in Tekken 3 and has been kicking ass and taking names ever since. He’s famed as one of the best fighters in the game due to his vicious kicks and multiple stances. Hworang was a student of Baek Doo San, another ruthless fighter from earlier in the series who has appeared in most games (though isn’t in Tekken 7). If Steve Fox is a master of the fists, then Hwoarang is a master of kicks (but he can still punch).

What makes Hwoarang such a standout is his ability to fake out opponents thanks to several different feints and interchangeable moves, as well as his melee range. He can kick the crap out of enemies from range, all while luring them in with weird stances and odd maneuvers. Also, thanks to his ability to switch his footing, Hwoarang is able to make use of two full lists of attacks. In order to master Hwoarang, you’ll need to memorize all his foot motions which is much easier said than done.

Although he has a lot going on, he’s still one of the more accessible characters in Tekken 7, which has only helped his popularity while still keeping him ahead of the competition. 

Heihachi Mishima

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Heihachi Mishima is another well-rounded character in Tekken 7 who had a set of moves with the right amount of variety for players who want to keep their opponents guessing. Heihachi plays well at both mid and close range and even has plenty of aerial skills, too. Whether you’re in the mood for great uppercuts, jumping kicks, or his usual incredibly punishing stomps, Heihachi Mishima certainly has something to offer. It’s also important to note that Heihachi Mishima has the lower skill floor of all the Mishimas, so he’s a safe character to run to if you’re in a tricky situation and just need a good character to give you an advantage.

Devil Jin

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Devil Jin is a great pick in Tekken 7 for the very same reason Sergei Dragunov: moves and combos for almost any situation. When it comes down to it, he can do it all. Devil Jin has one of the best 50/50s in the game, punishing moves that will have your opponent terrified of coming up off block, great damage, and solid launchers. Players were happy when Devil Jin’s lows got nerfed, but taking away a bit of his low damage wasn’t enough to change where Devil Jin fell on the tier list. When you have a kit this well rounded that also comes with an insane amount of damage, you’re automatically placed at an advantage over your opponent. What helps to balance Devil Jin in a sense is that he also comes with a bit of a learning curve. Execution is key with Devil Jin, so it’s not uncommon to see some players stumble with him and drop crucial combos. If you take the time to master this character, however, you’ll be able to easily bully other players online.

Bryan Fury

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Bryan Fury is one of Tekken 7’s more peculiar characters. He seems simple at first, with no particularly intricate attacks, instead focusing on brutal hand to hand combat. However, that’s all he really needs, as he’s capable of dealing massive damage and keeping enemies down where they belong.

Bryan is all about brutality, and that allows him to keep up the aggression to break down opponents. If they decide to sidestep to try and get an edge, Bryan is able to punish them thanks to several abilities which allow him to attack in wide arcs, as well as send opponents flying. The key to him is playing aggressively though, which may not fit all players. But, if you can get the hang of him and master sidestepping (which also opens up new attack abilities for Bryan), then you have one of the best fighters in Tekken 7 right here. 

Paul Phoenix

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Paul Phoenix is pretty much a staple character in the Tekken franchise. He is a consistently solid fighter with an all-around balanced kit and he’s been that way for a long time. Saying Paul packs a punch is a huge understatement. This fighter has powerful punches, low kicks, and rolling heels all in one incredibly dynamic moveset. Of course, it would be a disservice to the character if we didn’t mention Paul’s ability to unleash one of the most powerful punches in the game — that ever so useful and unblockable Burning Fist. With a kit this balanced it’s easy to see how Paul Phoenix can be absolutely devastating in the right hands. Of all the Tekken characters, Paul Phoenix has changed the least over the course of the game’s history but it’s pretty clear that he just doesn’t need to. As they always say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Kazuya Mishima

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Kazuya was once believed to be the protagonist of the Tekken series, and in some ways he still is. He’s the son of Heihachi and the father of Jin. He’s been given the gift of the Devil Gene and he uses it to his advantage like a beast. He’s powerful, much like his father, and capable of dealing more damage than a Rage Art with just simple combos. What gives him the edge over his father is that he’s faster, much faster, and can transform, opening him up to new abilities that also happen to increase his range.

Devil Mode can be initiated once enraged, allowing you to shoot powerful beams across the stage and even take to the skies. He still maintains his speed, but his power is magnified even more. He can absorb damage with his Soul Thrust which is used quickly, deals massive damage, and creates distance. Not too shabby if you ask me.

His well-rounded approach and insane damage output make it no surprise that he’s in one of the top tiers of Tekken 7. 


Best Tekken 7 Characters

King has been in the Tekken series from the very beginning and has been dealing out hefty doses of whoop-ass ever since. With a pro-wrestling fighting style and his iconic Jaguar mask, he’s pretty damn intimidating, and his moves are pretty darn powerful too.

That doesn’t mean he’s an all-out offensive character, though. In fact, King is best played carefully since many of his attacks require him to be up close and personal with the opposition. As such, you’ll want to sit back, block, and wait for the ideal time to counterattack.

Get this down and King becomes an absolute powerhouse. Even his simplest moves can be chained together in devastating combos that quickly wipe out the opposition’s health bar. Throw in some incredibly powerful chain grabs that can wipe out ridiculous amounts of health when executed correctly, and King is a dominant force in the ring. Good movement, grapples, and patience are the keys to a successful King.

Feng Wei

Best Tekken 7 Characters

If you are picking up Tekken 7 for the first time or returning from a lengthy hiatus from the series, Feng Wei isn’t the character you want to run to. While you might find yourself getting punished at the hands of a Feng Wei player, this character comes with quite the learning curve to really utilize in the right fashion. This is the Tekken 7 character for technical players who like to utilize punishing downward heels and well-timed grapples in order to really get the best of their opponent. While it takes some time to really learn Feng Wei’s strengths and weaknesses, he’s a character that can easily punish an opponent and quickly drain their life bar when the right player takes the time to get a feel for him. Feng Wei’s moveset is made for juggling so you’ll have to figure him out or just be prepared to be tossed around like a rag doll every time you go toe-to-toe with a solid Feng Wei online.

Marshall Law

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Law is one of the few characters on this list who really needs no introduction for fans. He was introduced in the first game and has been in every single entry except for Tekken 3 and the first Tag Tournament. He’s also one of Paul Phoenix’s closest friends. What makes him so good? Well for starters, he was modeled after Bruce Lee, fighting style and all. And use one of the world’s greatest ever martial artists as a foundation, you end up with one seriously great fighting game character.

Law’s specialty is speed and constantly switching heights. He’s hard to block because he can rapidly switch between High, Low, and Mid attacks with ease. He just slips right into them. He’s also capable of pulling off big power attacks in a very short space of time, something most characters can’t do. Dragon Charge, a quick setup technique of Law’s, can quickly transition into numerous powerful strikes and combos at the drop of a dime. He’s a tough cookie to get close to. Oh, and if he ever gets you into the air, pray that he lets up or it’s over for you.

Ling Xiaoyu

Best Tekken 7 Characters

It’s a bit unusual to see Ling Xiaoyu being as solid of a pick as she is in Tekken 7. Many of the issues that kept her from being a solid character have now been addressed and it has made Xiaoyu a force to reckon with. Xiaoyu used to be plagued by low damage and backtracking but now she has pretty decent damage and a few particularly punishing combos. Her kit also now includes some great options for launching opponents. Her offensive skills received a much-needed boost but her evasiveness in the game hasn’t seen any substantial nerf. This creates a situation where she is hard to hit despite the fact that she now hits harder than ever. While she’s still not OP or considered unbalanced by any means, it provides her with enough mobility and strength to be a great go-to for anyone who is new to Tekken and needs a less technical character to score some easy wins with.


Best Tekken 7 Characters

tekken 7, akuma

It should come as no surprise that Street Fighter’s demon would brute force his way towards the top of the list in Tekken 7. The developers over at Bandai Namco have done a great job at incorporating this fan-loved character and making him feel right at home in the 3D arena among his new competition. The best part is that they’ve managed to do so without changing the core of the character including his controls so that SF fans can jump in and not miss a beat.

If you didn’t pre-order or get the Day 1 Edition of the game, Akuma is the only character that has an EX/Super meter, which allows him to bolster many of his special attacks to deal massive amounts of damage.  He isn’t the fastest character in the bunch, but he more than makes up for that with his ability to absorb Mid/High attacks as well as his dodge abilities which allow him to keep opponents confused. The Ashura Senku is a short-range dodge that, when close enough, can go through attacks and your opponent, giving you a quick opportunity to punish from behind. Hyakkishu is a setup ability that can switch into many different things allowing you to mix it up during a battle and maintain the edge.

When it comes to defense and sheer power, there really aren’t many better than this beast of a man.


Nina Williams

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Nina Williams is a fan-favorite character who has appeared in every single Tekken game dating all the way back to arcades and the PS1. She’s integral to the overall story with her job as a ruthless assassin, and the fact that she’s the mother of Steve Fox. Nina is also one of those characters that are perfect for learning the ins and outs of Tekken.

Nina isn’t as powerful with basic attacks as some others, but she’s quick. Her fighting style revolves around combos and covering herself from sidestepping foes, making her perfect for dealing with other fast characters. She can break through defenses and can punish enemies coming from all angles. That’s highly valuable in a 3D fighter. She also has some of the easiest long string combos in the game and can juggle with the best of them.

Leo Kliesen

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Where Leo really shines in Tekken 7 is her versatility. If you’re an evasive player who likes poking, Leo has a solid moveset for you. If you’re more of a rushdown player who wants to keep the pressure on foes from start to finish, Leo is still another great match. Leo plays very similarly to Feng in many cases although Leo can be a bit more linear in battle. In exchange, however, she’s able to keep up a great offensive and force her enemies to focus on guessing while many of her own moves are safe. With a solid amount of mixups, decent damage, and fluid movement, Leo proves to be a very well-rounded character that can be difficult for less experienced players to deal with.

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