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Sony at E3 2017: What to Expect Them to Show

Not expecting many surprises, but hoping for a lot of confirmations.

Emphasis on PlayStation VR

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PlayStation VR

Unless you’re one to believe unsubstantiated claims floating around on Internet forums or take the word of industry analysts who are trying to guess the next big moves for each of the Big 3, there’s no reason to believe that Sony will be unveiling a PlayStation 5 at E3 this year. The PlayStation 4 is still performing entirely too well with a host of highly anticipated titles coming down the pipeline. Shifting focus from the PS4 to a new generation would just seem like a poor move for Sony.

Instead, the hardware side of their E3 presentation will likely have far more to do with showcasing PlayStation VR. Sony’s virtual reality headset has been off to a strong start but if Sony wants PlayStation VR to dominate the space, there is still quite a bit of work ahead of them. New titles are a must but not just any new title. PlayStation VR needs to maintain a collection of VR games that actually feel like complete gaming experiences rather than interactive demos of what VR can do. We know that Arizona Sunshine is coming to PlayStation VR this June so it’s likely that, at the very least, Sony will have demos set up for guests to try out on the exhibit floor.

Either way, this will be Sony’s opportunity to prove that they deserve a claim in the VR business and convince other gamers that the new technology is truly a bridge to a new era of gaming and not just some novelty that will fade away in a few years.

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