7 Sims 4 Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Sims Fanatic

Here's what to get for the Simmer who has everything.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift guide for the Simmer in your life? Or maybe you want to buy yourself something special – treat yourself! Here are the seven best gifts for Simmers this holiday season.

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Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack

The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack lets you celebrate the holidays with your Sims!
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack lets you celebrate the holidays with your Sims! Enjoy four seasons complete with snowstorms, lightning, and sweltering heat, and participate in holiday traditions like decorating the tree for Winterfest, cooking a grand meal for Harvestfest, and giving flowers to someone special on Love Day. This is one of my all-time favorite Sims 4 Expansions because it adds a massive amount of gameplay mechanics, features, build mode items, and clothing to your Sims world.

The Sims 4 Prima Official Game Guide: Collector’s Edition

The Sims 4 Prima Official Game Guide has tons of helpful information to help you achieve your Sim dreams.
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The Prima Official Game Guide is loaded with everything you need to know about the massive Sims 4 world. Get detailed information about relationship interactions, in-game objects, aspirations, careers, and more to help your Sims live their best lives. The Collector’s Edition includes special behind-the-Sims developer content and a fully-searchable eGuide to help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack

Raising young Sims is way more fun with the Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack.
Image Source: EA

The whole parenting stage in the Sims 4 was kind of a drag before the Parenthood Game Pack made it exciting. This Game Pack made Sim toddlers, children, and teens much more fun. Toddlers can misbehave in all kinds of delightful ways, children can work on school projects at home, and teenagers come to the adults in their lives for advice. And adults can earn parenting skill points to make their interactions with younger Sims more effective!

The Unofficial Sims Cookbook

Cook your favorite Sims foods (or your Sims favorite foods) with this Unofficial Sims Cookbook.
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Have you ever wanted to make your favorite Sim foods, like Baked Alaska, Lobster Thermidor, Elote, or even Ambrosia? The Unofficial Sims Cookbook includes all these and more from the Sims franchise. This cookbook contains recipes for every skill level, so even the most novice home cooks can whip up a Party Size helping of chef salad for their friends.

Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack

Get big bonuses by living small with the Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack
Image Source: EA

Tiny homes are still all the rage, and the Tiny Living Stuff Pack lets your Sims live small in style. This Stuff Pack includes useful, multifunctional items, like a combo hideaway bed-sofa-bookshelf, to save space in your Sims tiny home builds. The smaller the home, the bigger the bonuses they get to their lives – like better relationships, quick-growing plants, and lightning-fast skill gains. Plus, all new ways for Sims to die, like smashed under their murphy bed! Hooray!

Sims Achievement Mug

Share a snarky sentiment with this Sims Achievement Mug.
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Overachieving is overrated, but it might be nice to feel half as accomplished as my Sims do. Share this snarky sentiment with this hilarious Sims Achievement Mug. It’s sure to get a laugh out of Simmers and non-Simmers alike, because let’s be honest, the feeling is all-too-relatable.

Sims 4 Everyday Clutter Kit

Make your Sim homes look just like yours with the Everyday Clutter Kit.
Image Source: EA

Now you can fill your Sims family homes with the same stuff you have cluttering up your house. You don’t have to be jealous of your Sims’ perfectly tidy model homes anymore – now they look just like yours! The brand-new Everyday Clutter Kit is on-budget for any gifter at just $5, so it’s the perfect inexpensive gift for any Simmer in your life. (Or, if you’re like me, you might just gift it to yourself.)

That does it for our Sims gift guide for this holiday season! Let us know in the comments down below if you end up picking any of these yourself!

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