Image source: Kyoto Animation, J.C.Staff, Studio TNK
Image source: Kyoto Animation, J.C.Staff, Studio TNK

Ranking the Best and Worst of Fan Service Anime, From Trash to Class

Some of the anime titles may sound innocent...

Fan service in an anime is a fan’s guilty pleasure. Some use it to enhance the overall “visuals” of the anime, some rely too heavily on fan service to the point where it feels cheap and exploitative, and some provide the perfect balance that improves the story and viewing experience. So grab some popcorn as we dive into a cultured topic of ranking the best and worst fan-service anime. Respectfully.

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10. Rent A Girlfriend

Image source: TMS Entertainment via Twinfinite

This anime is a realistic depiction of a misguided 20-year-old virgin, albeit with an unrealistic execution. It follows the story of Kazuya, the ultimate trash protagonist. He is a college student who has just been dumped by his first girlfriend, and later on proceeds to use a rental girlfriend service.

Though the visuals are stunning, the writing somehow feels off. Kazuya may be a bit of a mess, but you just can’t help but root for him to get his act together or cringe because of his actions. If you ever encountered or watched this anime, we do not recommend replicating it in real life.

9. Darling in the FranXX

Image source: A-1 Pictures via Twinfinite

The anime starts off strong with an interesting premise but quickly devolves into a mess of fan service and plot holes. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where children are raised to pilot mechs called FranXX to fight against mysterious creatures called Klaxosaurs. The mecha designs are cool, and yet, the constant underwear shots and suggestive poses are just too much to handle.

Zero Two’s famous Tiktok line, “Darling,” is partly the reason why this anime still lives on to this day. Despite its flaws, this anime is straight up whatever runs in a teenage boy’s imagination; Mechas, Hot E-girls and a bit of sexually suggestive provocative actions from a lady they can never get.

8. Keijo

Image source: Xebec via Twinfinite

The only sports anime that will leave you wondering why on earth someone decided to create a sport that involves women using their bottoms as weapons. Instead of touching each other with their hands, the players use their derrieres to shove each other out of a small floating platform. It’s the ultimate showdown of butt power, and the competitors are not afraid to show off their assets.

There’s so much fan service in Keijo that it makes you wonder if the creators were just trying to see how much jiggle physics they could fit into a single episode. So if you ever need a sports anime that’s equal parts ridiculous and entertaining, give Keijo a shot. Who knows, you might even come away with a newfound appreciation for the power of the posterior.

7. The Monogatari Series

Image source:Shaft via Twinfinite

Araragi Koyomi is a relatable guy that somehow attracts the most bizarre people into his life. He finds himself in all sorts of dangerous and mysterious situations, often involving vampires and spirits. The show does a great job of weaving together elements of the supernatural, drama, and even a bit of action. Compared to some of the other anime, you won’t be too distracted from the plot by any overly gratuitous scenes since it’s pretty mild.

However, when the show decides to show some skin, you’ll start questioning yourself why you even jumped into this rabbit hole. This anime can make brushing teeth look like the most sensual thing in the world, and trust me. You’ll never look at everyday objects the same way again.

6. HOTD (Highschool of The Dead)

Image source: Madhouse via Twinfinite

The show follows a group of high school students as they fight for survival during a zombie outbreak. The animation is fluid, the action is intense, and the fan service moments are plentiful. The female characters are often shown in provocative poses and clothing, which may turn some viewers off, but it’s all done in a stylish and fun way. We are certain that this is the only anime where the protagonist used breasts as a weapon mount.

Despite being entertaining at first, Highschool of the Dead is just a zombie apocalypse anime with a side of lewdness thrown in for good measure. Just don’t expect any logic or common sense in this anime.

5. Fairytail

Image source: A-1 Pictures via Twinfinite

Fairytail is an anime about a guild of mages that go on wild adventures. They fight villains, monsters, and sometimes each other, but always with their own sets of abilities, strengths, and the power of friendship. This anime got all the staples of a classic fan service anime: busty characters, beach episodes, and even erotic dancing. It doesn’t discriminate either due to the fact that there are both for female and male characters.

Fairytail would have the perfect balance of story and fan service if only Lucy weren’t the main focus on almost every arc of the anime. I mean come on, there are many characters to choose from. But let’s be real, Erza’s the real MVP here.

4. Ouran High School Host Club

Image source: A-1 Pictures via Twinfinite

Ouran High School Host Club is a well-known comedy anime series with many hilarious scenes and fan service for both genders. The series follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student at Ouran Academy, who became the errand boy of the all-boys popular host club of the school. Thanks to her convincingly masculine appearance that dazzles any girl she meets with witty conversation as well as her commoner status, the club forced her to become a full-time male host of the Ouran High School Host Club to repay her debt.

The show gets even funnier as all the boys dress in girls’ costumes and do things related to it to entertain others. This romantic comedy anime focuses on the relationships within and outside the club and mocks the clichés and stereotypes that endure in shōjo manga.

3. Free!

Image source: Kyoto Animation via Twinfinite

Free! The perfect anime for fangirls who want to appreciate the finer things in life, like hot guys in swimsuits. This show is about swimming, which means lots of half-naked guys flexing their muscles and showing off their abs. It’s like a never-ending parade of eye candy. And let’s not forget the homoerotic subtext, which is basically the icing on the cake. The boys are always touching each other and getting all close, making you wonder if there’s something more going on under the surface.

Sure, it might be a bit awkward if you’re watching it with your parents, but who cares when there are abs to be ogled? So if you’re a fan of hot guys, swimming, and homoerotic tension, then Free! is the show for you.

2. Food Wars

Image source: J.C.Staff via Twinfinite

Food Wars is an anime that will make your taste buds and your imagination run wild. It follows the journey of Soma Yukihira, a young cook who enters a prestigious school to compete with the best chefs in the country. But let’s be real. The show’s real star is the food porn. The anime has a way of making food look so good that it’s borderline erotic. And when someone tastes the food, things get even more intense.

It’s like a foodgasm, but animated. And no one is safe from it. When the characters taste the delicacies, their clothes burst open, steam rises from their bodies, and their eyes roll back in ecstasy. So if you want to indulge in some culinary fan service, Food Wars is the anime for you. But be warned, you might never look at food the same way again.

1. High School DxD

Image source: Studio TNK via Twinfinite

No doubt, High School DxD is the staple in the anime community with the most fan service. It follows the story of Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student who wanted to be a harem king. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he is killed by a fallen angel who was his first date. Later on, he is revived as a devil by Rias Gremory and becomes one of her devil servants. Throughout the series, Issei learns more about the supernatural world of angels, fallen angels, and devils, and he uses his “newfound” powers.

From his power’s name alone “Dress Break” and the combination of the fact that most of his opponents are female, every battle often uses sexual situations and suggestive imagery to appeal to the audience’s desire for erotic content. Additionally, many of the female characters in the show are portrayed as extremely busty and wear revealing clothing. The creators of the show understand that there is a demand for this kind of content among certain viewers and have capitalized on it to make the show more popular.

These anime shows are known for fan service and often feature attractive characters in provocative or sexually suggestive situations. While some viewers enjoy this content, it may only be suitable for some audiences. It’s important to keep in mind that anime is a diverse medium with many different genres and themes, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for action-packed battles, heartfelt romance, or thought-provoking stories, there’s an anime out there for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the world of anime!

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