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6 Pokemon Gift Ideas Any Trainer Is Sure to Love


6 Pokemon Gift Ideas Any Trainer Is Sure to Love

Some gifts for that special trainer you know.

Poke Ball


One thing anyone who has watched or played Pokemon has ever wanted (outside of a deadly pet) is a Poke Ball. A trainer is nothing without these, so a healthy supply of these cool looking props are a great gift for any Pokemon fans you may know.

These are relatively easy to find as many toy stores have them in stock from a number of brands. Online retailers such as Amazon have plenty of options ranging from cheap toys to nice collectibles. If you’re looking for something high quality and a bit more durable, you may want to check out sites like Etsy. FluxTideDesigns makes Poke Balls that are solid and can withstand the test of time. They don’t open with a hinge (they have a lid, instead) but that’s to make sure that they last long. With every type of Poke Ball available at reasonable prices, it will make a perfect gift.

Of course, there’s another option if you’re looking for something with a lot more class…

Crystal Poke Ball

pokemon crystal pokeballs

This is the type of Poke Ball you buy for someone if you really want to give them something special. As you have probably figured out already, these will run you a bit more than your standard plastic or resin Poke Balls. Crystal Poke Balls are, as the name implies, made out of crystal and they have a Pokemon of your choosing as a 3D etching inside. They can be placed on illuminated stands for a beautiful piece that fits in the most classy of rooms.

Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock but if you don’t mind waiting, and your special someone doesn’t mind a late gift, then these are an amazing, unique gift you can give for the holidays. Keep an eye on Etsy user PokeMasterCrafter‘s page to see if any more go up for sale. 

Pokemon Movies

pokemon movies

What better gift than the nostalgia that comes rushing in while watching an old (but great) movie. Give the gift of memories to that special Pokemon fan in your life by getting them one, or all, of the Pokemon films. We must warn you, though, there are a lot of them.

You can find a bunch on the cheap on Amazon, so you don’t even have to leave your house to get your shopping done. Just try and find out what generation of Pokemon whoever you’re shopping for is into. There are seriously a lot of movies, and you don’t want to be that person who gets the only movie that doesn’t have their favorite character in it.

Nintendo 3DS & Pokemon Games

pokemon starters

So you have a Pokemon fan in your life and you’re just not sure what to get that person for the holidays, huh? Well, do they like video games? Chances are that they may not like them all but they’d play the heck out of some good ol’ Pokemon. And you know what? There are a ton of games set in this universe. You have no shortage of options in choosing a great game.

First, pick up a Nintendo 3DS so that they’ll have something to play on and then head over to the Pokemon Store to pick up one of the newest games. If you’re looking for something older, you may want to hit eBay or Amazon. Pokemon games are fun and perfect for on the go. Plus, if you have a young gamer in your life this is a good place to get them started. 

Plush Pokemon

nintendo pokemon

Plush Pokemon are the best thing to happen to gifting ever. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but they are definitely adorable, cuddly, and nothing short of amazing. These soft gifts are perfect for anyone of any age. Whether they want them as a desk or shelf-top decoration, something to have sticking out of their bag, or just a bunch to throw on the bed. There are tons of Pokemon to choose from, and several sizes. There is even a small selection of some dressed in some holiday gear.

You can get some official Pokemon Plushes from the Pokemon Store. Like with most things Pokemon, it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole where you end up buying a million things. So bring a friend who can pull the cord if things get a little crazy. 


pokemon tshirt

You can never have too many clothes, and if you’re the type who likes gifting fashion then we have some great suggestions for you. There is no shortage of Pokemon emblazoned apparel out there, and some of it looks really good. You can hit the official Pokemon Store for some T-shirts, hoodies, has, and more. If you want something a little different, Red Bubble has some really unique designs that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Onesies are also super popular, especially the Pokemon ones. Check out Amazon for a large selection that sure to bring a smile and keep your loved one warm.

These gift ideas are quick and easy and you’ll be responsible for starting amazing Pokemon adventures. Whether you’re shopping for a young fan or someone who grew up with the series, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. Are you planning on picking a few of these up for those fans in your life? Maybe even a few for yourself? Feel free to share any other gift ideas you may have.

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