Marvel x Pokemon Crossover Fan Art Includes Kingpin Snorlax, Dr. Strange Alakazam, & More

Pokemon Marvel

Pokemon designs rank amongst the most creative in entertainment, as every generation, Game Freak manages to come up with more unique-looking creatures we’ve never seen before. Honestly, the only other art form that I can think of that gets just as creative with their looks is the Marvel movies, as each superhero has its own distinct outfit and style.

So what would happen if we crossed some of the most well-known Pokemon with our favorite superheroes? That is exactly what one Redditor thought when they decided to create the amazing mashup you see in the post down below.

In the post to the Pokemon subreddit, user jailbrooklyn showed off their latest creations, which include Kingpin Snorlax, Alakazam Dr. Strange, Iron Man Scizor, Venom Gengar, and Batman Lucario.

Anyone interested in jaibrooklyn’s work should check out the rest of their Reddit profile, as it boasts a lot of other amazing superhero Pokemon crossovers. Be sure to also let us know what you thought of this awesome creation in the comment section.

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