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Let’s Give It up for Real MVPs of E3 2015


Let’s Give It up for Real MVPs of E3 2015

Let’s give it up for these heroes.

Yarny Guy

Yarny unravel

Martin Sahlin took the stage at EA’s E3 conference and blew minds. Not with flashy graphics or action-packed montages, but by being human. He pulled out his friend, Yarny, and with trembling hands presented his muse to a hall filled with press cameras and flashing lights. And then right there at that moment, everyone learned how to love.

Here’s to you, Martin. You were the star of E3 2015.


Dancing Zombie at the EA Conference

ea plants vs zombies dancing zombies e3 conference

Nothing livens up an EA show quite like a dancing zombie.

After busting onto the conference stage, this poor guy was promptly kicked off the stage. We barely knew ye, awkward Elvis zombie, but we’ll never forget your heroism and bravery in the face of endless sports demos.



teddie persona atlus booth e3 2015

Let’s give it up for Teddie at Atlus’ Persona 4: Dancing All Night booth. In keeping with the game’s title, Teddie danced through the entire conference, probably most definitely against his will. You could almost hear the booth organizers yelling, “It’s called Dance ALL Night, Teddie. Not ‘Dance until You Can’t Feel your Feet Anymore and Then Stop, Teddie!”

And then you’d look over and there he’d be, dancing still, with a single tear falling down his bear face.


NieR Director Yoko Taro

NieR producer mask e3 square enix conference

Presented without comment.

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