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I Had to Watch This Wrex-Shepard Romance Scene, so Now You Have to Too

The Mass Effect series is known for having a pretty wide arrange of romance options, especially once you get to the third game and same-sex options become available. Even inter-species alien love is on the table across all three games. Shepard (and Ryder too in Andromeda) is able to get freaky with just about every major alien faction in the game

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However, the forbidden fruit, the final frontier if you will, has always been getting it on with Krogans. For whatever reason, the powers that be in BioWare have decided for the rest of us that Krograns, like our old pal Wrex, are off-limits. Through the power of modding and the skill of a talented animator, though, we no longer have to use our imagination. We have the technology to make Wrex-Shepard a thing. Whether it’s a thing you want to see, well, be careful what you wish for.

The video was shared by a Reddit user by the name of GrowlitheDog to the /rmasseffect subreddit with the title: “If Shepard could romance Wrex (fan-made animation; mildly NSFW).” It’s unclear if this person is the original creator of the animation, or just passing along this work of art. If it’s old, apologies in advance, but the first time I’m seeing it, so now I’m making sure all of you have seen it as well. Enjoy:

We always knew that Wrex was a charmer with a playful/murderous streak, but who would have thought he’d be such a tender lover too?

I really don’t have much else to say. The video clearly speaks for itself and makes the case for a Shepard-Wrex romance very obvious. BioWare f’ed up.

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