5 Fan-Made Switch Accessories Nintendo Didn’t Think Of (But Should Have)

Nintendo fans are pretty crafty.

Switch Dock Game Cartridge Holder

Game cartridge holder by PokeRanger Rett

Having a lot of small video game cartridges to keep up with can be a huge hassle, especially if you’re looking to dive deep into more than one game at a time. Taking out a small Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cartridge to pop in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe could eventually end in you losing one of the games, unless you remain adamant about placing it back in the appropriate case immediately. Even for the well-disciplined gamers out there, however, it can become a nuisance as your active library of games stacks up.

That’s what makes these game cartridge holders so convenient. Now you can simply slide the games you’re currently playing into a cartridge holder that attaches to your actual Nintendo Switch dock. This keeps your games organized while also keeping your favorite games nearby when it’s time to switch to a new adventure.

Dock Socks

Dock sock by SwitchStitchCo

There’s a good reason Nintendo probably didn’t think of this—the gaming giant probably didn’t expect the Switch docks to be scratching the screens so easily. Once more and more consumers got their hands on the Switch, however, it was clear that a screen protector was a must. In case you aren’t a fan of slapping a screen protector over your Switch, you can always opt for a cute dock sock instead! The soft “socks” slide over the dock to keep the rough edges away from your precious hybrid gaming console. The added perk, of course, is that it adds another customization option for the dock. If you aren’t a fan of seeing the black dock sitting around, it’s easy to find a decorative dock sock to help your Switch transform into a lovely piece of decor.

Switch Belt Holster

Carrying Case by NerdyPixelStuff

The Nintendo Switch is all about portability, so why not have a fun and convenient way to carry it around? A standard carrying case is alright but it still requires you to place the Switch inside another bag of some sort to make carrying it convenient. Well, this awesome carrying case just needs a belt to keep your Switch by your side. The case features loops in the back where you can slide your belt through and easily find yourself with a sort of holster for the hybrid console. It definitely feels a bit clunky at times but it still doesn’t change how convenient it is to have a hands-free way to carry your Switch.

Clutch Purse Carrying Cases

Carrying Case by ArtkubeStudio

This one is for you, ladies! Unfortunately, the girls are usually left getting the short end of the stick when it comes to gaming accessories, but not this time. You don’t have to settle for a clunky, bland looking carrying case this time around. Tons of Nintendo Switch fans are creating different carrying cases that actually look like stylish clutch purses. Different variations of these bags provide different storage options as well. Some offer enough space to slide in a few game cartridges while others offer compartments for a tube of lipstick or a small mirror.

Portable Mode Comfort Grips

Grips by 3DPrinterSpencer

Nintendo offers accessory options to make the Joy-Cons feel more comfortable, but what about the Switch itself? If you plan on playing the Switch for hours while it’s in the actual handheld position, you might find your hands getting a bit cramped up after a while. These comfort grips, however, help fight back against that problem. The comfort grips allow the Switch to feel like an actual controller in your hands even when you have the Joy-Cons attached. In addition to keeping your  hands comfortable, it also makes the Switch easier to keep a solid grasp on, which means you’ll be far less likely to drop it.

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