10 Diabolical Questions We Still Have After The Boys Season 3

The ten most pressing questions we have after the Boys Season 3

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The Boys Season 3 has sadly come to a close. As with the first two seasons, this is a show that manages to combine the superhero genre with excellent commentary about fame and power and how that affects those with it and those at the mercy of those with it.

The Boys offers many different plotlines, most of which are still open as the show has been renewed for a fourth season. This opens the door to many questions for the series going forward. So, without further ado, here are the 10 questions we have after watching The Boys Season 3.

***Warning: Spoilers below for all the way up to the end of The Boys Season 3 below. Read at your own risk.***

How Will the Rest of the World React to What Homelander Did?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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The biggest and most pressing issue is what occurs in the season finale’s final moments. In a scene that mimics the Jan. 6 Senate attack, we see Homelander introduce his son, Ryan, to a crowd of pro-Homelander and pro-Stormfront rioters. Then, a pro-Starlight man shows up and throws something at the two Supes, hitting Ryan, which causes Homelander to use his laser eyes on the man, blowing up his head in front of the crowd.

Now that Homelander’s murderous tendencies are public, how will the rest of the world react? Especially those not already biased towards Homelander. Also, how will Vought react?

Vought’s shares had decreased exponentially with just Homelander’s admissions on tape. So how will this impact investors and Vought stocks?

This is a significant change coming into next season as people have had plausible deniability with their love of Homelander. Still, now there is definitive proof of how messed up Homelander truly is.

Will Ryan Become Just Like Homelander?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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Juxtaposing the Season 2 finale where Ryan is with Butcher, the Season 3 finale sees him with Homelander. Homelander, a grown man who acts like a little kid and is the most powerful being in the world, is now raising the kid who is probably the second most powerful being after him.

And if Homelander having Ryan isn’t terrifying enough, the final shot shows that Ryan is happy about the newfound freedom that his dad seems to be giving him. While Butcher has pushed Ryan away, blaming him for Becca’s death, Homelander is telling Ryan it’s not his fault and that people like them tend to hurt those they love.

Homelander is being the better father to Ryan, causing him to turn towards his father. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to hear from their parents that what they did isn’t their fault? And with Homelander signaling to the boy that they can do whatever they want, he will get to live out the dream of being able to do whatever he wants with seemingly no consequences.

This is quite the turn for Ryan though, as he has been shown to be empathetic in the past, thanks to his mother, so, likely, the kid won’t completely turn to the dark side, at least not right away. The struggle between how his mom raised him and how his dad wants to raise him will likely be explored in Season 4.

How Will Todd’s Obsession With Homelander Affect M.M. and Janine?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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This season, a big part of Mother’s Milk’s storyline was about his relationship with his daughter Janine and how her new stepfather, Todd, was spouting pro-superhero propaganda to her. At the end of the season, we see M.M. finally reveal the truth of his grandfather’s passing to Janine, to which she shows remarkable strength and empathy.

However, we then see Todd in the final scene of the season, cheering on Homelander after he murders the pro-Starlight man. It was possible to give Todd the benefit of the doubt as he wasn’t as aware of the murderous capabilities of superheroes as M.M. was, but now he is.

And he is the first one to cheer on the murder, so this is clearly not a suitable environment for Janine and a situation that M.M. will hopefully be able to rectify. It’ll also be interesting to see how M.M.’s ex-wife Janine reacts to the situation, hopefully seeing that Todd is not the man she should want Janine around.

Is Butcher Really Going to Die?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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In the fight against Payback and Vought, Maeve brought Butcher some doses of Temp V in order to hopefully level the playing field. In Episode 7, Annie then discovered that taking 3-5 doses of Temp V will kill the user which, by the season’s end, Butcher has used at least six times. So, Butcher is dying; that much is clear, but if the show plans to have more than just a fourth season and have Butcher be a part of it, they will need to give us some reasonable explanations as to why Butcher does not die.

The most probable explanation is that perhaps Butcher will take Compound V in order to become a permanent Supe and survive his illness. Whether or not this would be willing or unwilling, as he hates Supes, would be intriguing. It would be fascinating to see someone who hates Supes so much become a permanent one and how exactly someone with that viewpoint reconciles with becoming what he hates. It seems like a natural progression for the character, but at this point, we have to wait and see, for it may not come to pass, especially if Butcher dies due to his overuse of Temp V.

What Happened to the Flight 37 Recording?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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All the way back in Season 1, Homelander and Queen Maeve were on a mission to rescue those passengers on Flight 37 from terrorists. After the terrorists killed the pilot and Homelander accidentally fried the controls, he decided that the plane could not be saved to the chagrin of Maeve, who, despite her best efforts, could not convince Homelander to save anyone aboard out of fear of them telling the truth.

In Season 2, Maeve gets the Deep to retrieve a tape from the ocean showcasing the whole exchange, hoping she could use it to blackmail Homelander into leaving her alone. Maeve successfully used the tape to get Homelander under some semblance of control and handed the tape over to Annie and the Boys, which worked for a bit.

Homelander, though, isn’t a fan of being kept on a leash, so when his fame started to get back on track in Episode 3, he claimed to not care about the tape as even though he wants to be loved, being feared was still okay to him. After this proclamation, we hear nothing more about it, so what gives? It’s still got to be around somewhere. The most likely scenario of it showing up again is in the war between Annie and Homelander, as now that his murderous tendencies are out in the open anyway, she is probably more likely to be willing to release the tape and see what happens.

What Does the U.S. Government Plan to Do With Soldier Boy?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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After it was revealed that Queen Maeve had survived Soldier Boy’s explosion, it was revealed that, of course, Soldier Boy had also survived. He ends up in pretty much the same position as he had started the season, except this time, he is being kept by Grace Mallory and the U.S. government.

This is incredibly ironic because he is now being held captive by the government he is supposed to represent. It’s also important to note that Soldier Boy is being kept under the watch of Grace Mallory, whom he had met and harrassed on that mission back in Nicaragua, the very same mission where the Russians captured him.

Mallory has a bone to pick with Soldier Boy, so we will likely get a scene that shows the two of them talking, or more likely arguing, about the Nicaragua mission. Even if the show chooses not to focus too much on this story, it’ll be interesting to see if the U.S. government plans on using Soldier Boy as a weapon or if they just want to keep him under lock and key. The best guess is that it is a little of both.

It’s also important to note that as the Boys likely handed Soldier Boy over to Mallory, they still have a direct line to him, so we’ll have to see how that will play out as the Boys, particularly M.M. and Butcher have unfinished business with him.

What Is Neuman’s Next Move?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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Neuman has been playing the long game all season. First, she gets rid of her adoptive father, Stan Edgar, after she is threatened by Homelander and realizes that Edgar was likely using her. Trying to make inroads back at Vought, she turns to Annie, who turns her down, not wanting to work with someone like Neuman.

Neuman then looks to work with Homelander as she gives Homelander Ryan’s whereabouts in return for a favor. This favor is revealed to be killing the presumptive VP candidate, who Homelander has the Deep kill. This leads Robert Singer, the current presidential candidate and likely winner, to take on Neuman as his new VP candidate.

This means that Neuman, the “Head Popper,” will likely become the Vice President of the United States. A likely conflict for Season 4 is how the Boys deal with having a major enemy as the Vice President. Another critical question is, will she kill Singer in order to become the President?

Neuman is ruthless, so we shouldn’t put it past her. It is important to acknowledge that she is working with Homelander now, likely giving Homelander even more room to breathe. Edgar is also still out there, and while he respects what Neuman did, that doesn’t exclude him from possibly wanting revenge. He is still someone to keep an eye on.

Will A-Train Finally Put Himself on a Path Towards Redemption?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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A-Train was given many outs in Season 3 to be put on a path towards redemption. His brother is even the one to bring Blue Hawk to his attention. When dealing with Blue Hawk, A-Train really only seemed to care about how things could benefit him in the long run.

When trying to get Blue Hawk to speak in front of the community, A-Train only really cares about how this could influence his positioning at Vought. Then after Blue Hawk paralyzes his brother, A-Train kills him only because of the guilt he feels. Let’s also not forget that the speedster is the reason why Homelander killed Supersonic. But now, A-Train has a new heart, a new lease on life, so hopefully, he can finally do something positive with it. It doesn’t matter that his new heart belonged to a racist.

A-Train showed that he could be on the right course as sure he was motivated by other factors when dealing with Blue Hawk. But deep down, he seems to want to do the right thing, especially when it comes to his brother. He even apologized to Hughie.

Sure. he apologized because of guilt, but this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. His brainwashing of wanting fame and to climb the ladder at Vought seems to be the principal thing holding him back from true redemption and with him getting his powers back, now is the perfect time to do so.

Where Is Little Nina?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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A large part of Frenchie and Kimiko’s story this season revolved around Frenchie’s ex-boss, Little Nina, coming back into his life. Butcher uses Nina to help them get into Russia, but when the job goes sideways, she puts Frenchie into her debt.

After he fails to perform an assassination, she decides to kidnap both him and Kimiko. Kimiko manages to escape death and kill Nina’s minions, but unfortunately for them, Nina manages to get away, never to be seen again, at least for the season.

It is unlikely that The Boys won’t have this character brought back next season, especially as a way to give Frenchie and Kimiko more story. Little Nina is certainly the unforgiving type, so vengeance will likely be on her mind, though she will now have to contend with a powered Kimiko, so it’ll be intriguing to see if Little Nina can find a way to work around this.

Also, given that Kimiko seems to now be accepting of her powers, citing that it is because she now took the Compound V of her own accord, Kimiko is someone who shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Is Stormfront Dead?

10 Questions We Have After The Boys Season 3

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Stormfront survived being blasted by Ryan at the end of Season 2 and was in the care of Homelander and Vought. Stormfront, clearly unhappy after finally realizing that she and Homelander had differing ideals, apparently killed herself.

We never saw this happen though and were only told about it, seeing only a body bag, which leaves the door wide open on the possibility of having Stormfront return at some point. Though she is undoubtedly a vile character, she is intriguing, so hopefully, the show wouldn’t kill her off in such an unceremonious way.

Some theories are floating around also, namely that Stormfront is Homelander’s mother, given the brief line that Soldier Boy says about having had a sexual past with Liberty in Episode 6. In case you don’t remember, Liberty is Stormfront’s former Supe name. This would be an exciting development, as not only does it mean that Homelander was having sex with his own mom, but it also would make perfect sense because Homelander clearly has a fetish for mothers.

Not to mention that Homelander and Soldier Boy are clear rivals and enemies now, so seeing how Stormfront deals with that would be fascinating. This is just speculation, but it’s clear that Stormfront still has more story to tell, and it would be unfortunate if she truly went out this way.

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