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4 Best Upcoming Switch Games for February 2019


4 Best Upcoming Switch Games for February 2019

Best Switch Games in February 2019

Wargroove (Feb. 1)

Possibly one of the most anticipated indie games since its announcement back in 2017, Wargroove will finally see its official release at the start of February.

To put things simply, Wargroove is essentially the Switch version of Advance Wars. The systems and mechanics will feel instantly familiar to Advance Wars fans, as you’re required to take over encampments on the map to build up your economy, and gradually save up enough funds to deploy more powerful units.

Players will move their units around on a grid map, making use of the terrain to increase their defenses against enemy units, taking over enemy buildings, all while trying to rout the enemy commander or destroy their stronghold.

Wargroove features a beautiful pixel art graphical style, complete with insanely detailed animations for each of the commanders you can play as. The soundtrack is full of bangers, the turn-based tactical combat is fun, and you can play as a dog. What’s not to love?

Best Switch Games in February 2019

Steins;Gate Elite (Feb. 19)

The original Steins;Gate still stands out as one of the best visual novels you can get right now, and Steins;Gate Elite is essentially a retelling of that same story, but with a brand new style of presentation.

As fans of the franchise might already know, Steins;Gate received an anime adaptation. With the Elite re-release, this version of the game will be fully animated, featuring footage from the anime series itself. The game will also feature some new animations exclusive to Elite, but for the most part, it’ll be reusing footage from the anime.

Even if you’ve already played the original game, this might still be worth a look if you never got to check out the anime series. Steins;Gate is a trippy sci-fi adventure that deals with time travel and other interesting scientific theories.

The main cast of characters are likable for the most part, and like any good visual novel worth its salt, there are several choices you can make throughout the game that will affect the outcome of the story.

Best Switch Games in February 2019

Aragami: Shadow Edition (Feb. 21)

For players looking for something a little more action-packed, Aragami: Shadow Edition might be right up your alley. The game puts you in the shoes of a vengeful spirit with the power to “control the shadows.”

Your task is to infiltrate a city to discover the truth about the aragami, and you use your powers of shadow to fight against the light. Aragami can be played in any way you want; you can assassinate guards silently and stealthily, or become a literal ghost and sneak through undetected.

The game provides you with a good variety of abilities and mobility skills, allowing you to navigate the environments seamlessly.

The Shadow Edition of the game also comes with the Nightfall DLC, which is a separate story campaign that you can check out after beating the main game. Aragami features a rather good-looking graphical art style as well, and it looks slick.

Best Switch Games in February 2019

Child of Light + Valiant Hearts (Feb. 26)

Ubisoft's Child of Light

Though it’s been a few years since their original releases, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts still stand out as some of Ubisoft’s best and most memorable small scale efforts. Both games are 2D side-scrollers, but with fairly different styles of gameplay.

Child of Light is a turn-based RPG featuring a lovely watercolor art style that’s just a delight to look at. The story is simple, following a young princess who’s been thrown into a mysterious world full of dangers. The tone is charmingly childlike, and the game’s fairytale elements really help to make its various characters feel endearing.

Surprisingly, Child of Light also features a great turn-based combat system. It’s pretty basic, but you get enough skills and abilities to help break the monotony of the gameplay, and there’s definitely quite a bit of strategy involved in battles.

Valiant Hearts, on the other hand, is set during World War I, and tells the story of four different characters trying to help a German soldier find his wife. Gameplay is mostly puzzle-based, where you’ll need to find key items in order to progress.

There are several action sequences as well, but this is a very linear experience through and through. It’s still worth playing at least once though, especially since it’s been bundled together with Child of Light.

And those are our picks for the best Switch games to look out for in February 2019. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more Switch-related news and content.

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