Best Games in the Meta Quest+ Library

Best Games in the Meta Quest+ Library

Action, fantasy, puzzles, sports, and arcade games... Meta Quest+ has something for everyone.

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a Meta Quest and diving into the world of VR for the first time. But is it worth subscribing to Meta Quest+? It’s a service that gives you access to a catalog of games with two new ones to try each month. Whether you want to spray bullets, swing a sword, solve puzzles, play sports, or recreate a virtual arcade, Meta Quest+ has something for everyone. Although the library isn’t particularly large, the best games in the Meta Quest+ library might make a subscription worth it.

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10. Fruit Ninja

Fruits cut by a sword in Fruit Ninja.
Image Source: Halfbrick

Fruit Ninja is the same game we already know and love. Fifteen years after we started slicing fruit on the iPod Touch, the game has been reimagined for virtual reality.

Simple to learn but tough to master, it’s precisely what you imagine – watermelons, bananas, and all sorts of fruits are thrown into the air for you to slice with your samurai sword, all the while avoiding bombs. As usual, there are a range of modes to play: classic, arcade, zen, and a new survival mode in which fruit is thrown straight at your face.

It’s always tempting to play another round, each time getting closer to unlocking a new sword. Despite the initial adjustment, it’s great to have a familiar game to make the leap to virtual reality less daunting.

9. Espire 1: VR Operative

A robot soldier holding a gun in Espire 1: VR Operative.
Image Source: Tripwire Interactive/ Digital Lode Immersive Media

Espire 1: VR Operative is an incredible stealth experience where you can embody the super-spies you’ve seen on the big screen.

You take on the role of an agent who remotely controls an Espire robot on missions throughout the world. Scale walls, creep around enemies, and dispatch of them with a range of weapons. There’s nothing more thrilling than when an enemy spots you: time slows down as you whip out your pistol and the bullet soars toward them in slow motion.

There are some great options for anyone who suffers from motion sickness, and Espire 2 is arguably an even better game that builds on this one’s success, although it’s not part of the Quest+ library.

8. The Climb

A player character's gloves climbing a mountain in The Climb.
Image Source: Crytek

Rock climbing is tough, physically exhausting, and incredibly dangerous… so why not experience the same thrills from the comfort and safety of your own home? The Climb is your chance to channel your inner Tomb Raider without the risk of plummeting to your death.

The controls are surprisingly simple to master, and it’s always thrilling when you grab a ledge, shimmying and hauling yourself ever higher up a mountain. There are several modes to check out, whether you want to challenge yourself or go for a more easy-going climb.

There are three stunning locations from around the world to choose from: the Alps, the American Southwest, and Southeast Asia. With such impressive graphics, it’s possible to believe for a brief second that you’re a real-life jet-setting, athletic rock climber.

7. Onward

Two soldiers in Onward.
Image Source: Downpour Interactive

Are you a Call of Duty fan? If you’ve ever wanted a more immersive military experience than paintball, Onward is the game for you. Onward is an impressive tactical first-person shooter with a range of game modes, including solo, PvP, and co-op PvE.

The weaponry and combat feel unbelievably realistic from the get-go. If you’ve ever used a firearm, you ought to be familiar. If not, you’ll quickly get the hang of it in basic training. It’s no longer enough to reload by pressing a button. Instead, you have to manually release the magazine, load another one, and cock the gun.

It’s even more challenging to keep your cool and reload under enemy fire. Fumbling and dropping your magazine could be the difference between life and death as your survival and combat skills are pushed to the limit. There’s a huge range of firearms to experiment with and you’ll start feeling like a super-soldier before you know it.

6. Jurassic World Aftermath Collection

A cartoon dinosaur in Jurassic World: Aftermath Collection.
Image Source: Coatsink Software

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from six Jurassic Park films and a string of games, it’s that dinosaurs never stay locked up for long – and that’s no exception here. We can’t go to a real-life Jurassic Park, so this is the next best way to see dinosaurs close up without becoming a prehistoric meal.

Set after the events of Jurassic World, you need to survive rampaging dinosaurs after crash landing on Isla Nublar. You’re tasked with recovering information from around the park while evading bloodthirsty velociraptors around every corner. Although it’s a puzzle-solving game at its heart, there’s plenty of stealth and suspense to enjoy.

Without a gun to blast dinos away, you have to rely on your wits and patience. There’s nothing more terrifying than when a dinosaur spots you and your heart thumps as you run for cover. Interestingly, the game has a comic book art style, which sets it apart as a truly one-of-a-kind Jurassic World experience.

5. Tetris® Effect: Connected

The stars in Tetris Effect.
Image Source: Enhance/ Monstars Inc., Resonair and Stage Games

What else is there to say about Tetris that hasn’t been said before? Athough it’s one of the oldest video games of all time, you’ve never played it like this before. On one hand, it’s the same old Tetris we know and love; on the other, it’s a unique experience in VR.

The game throws you into a fully immersive virtual environment with gorgeous sound effects and stunning music that lulls you into a trance. Along with the controller’s satisfying haptic vibrations every time a piece pops into place and the Tetris pieces themselves pulsing in sync with the music, it makes for a strangely relaxing way to play Tetris. Once you eliminate enough lines, the game shifts to a new environment. Each level is beautifully designed and unique, meaning it stays fresh and interesting throughout.

If you ever feel like challenging someone, multiplayer options offer co-op and competitive modes. There’s a lot to keep you engaged and itching for one more game.

4. Red Matter

A character wearing a helmet in Red Matter.
Image Source: Vertical Robot

While a lot of games in the Quest+ library are full-on, adrenaline-fueled thrill rides, Red Matter takes a different approach. It’s a slow, suspenseful, and spooky sci-fi game in which you’re blasted into space to explore a mysteriously abandoned Soviet lab on one of Saturn’s moons.

What follows is a series of escape room-style areas. Although they’re largely intuitive and not overly difficult, they can get increasingly complex. There’s little hand-holding in this game. You need to use your wits to experiment with gadgets, solve puzzles, and translate signs to unlock the game’s secrets.

Red Matter might not be an action-packed title, but there’s plenty of suspense, puzzles, and storytelling that make for a gripping VR experience that will linger with you long after you remove the headset.

3. Until You Fall

Two characters about to fight in Until You Fall.
Image Source: Schell Games

If you love Hades, you’ll love Until You Fall. It’s an arcade-inspired, hack-and-slash roguelite that’s simple to learn but hard to master. Set in a colorful, neon fantasy world, each area has a different selection of enemies you need to battle your way through with a sword.

The game tells you where to block and you have to move your weapon to the right position in time, but it’s up to you when to attack, requiring precision and fast reactions. There are a range of one- and two-handed weapons to experiment with as well as spells. Expect to die a lot at first since it’s necessary to progress through the game. Unlike Hades, there’s not much in the way of story when you die, but it’s a chance to upgrade your weapons and become more powerful each time.

There are plenty of VR games where you can wield a sword, so it’s good to have one of the best ones in the Quest+ library. Fast, furious, and thrilling, Until You Fall is endlessly addictive and will have you wanting one more go until the battery runs out.

2. Demeo

A group of figurines in Demeo.
Image Source: Resolution Games

Demeo is perfect for fans of Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs, and it’s a perfect one to play with friends who also have a Meta Quest. While there are lots of action-packed fantasy games where you can swing a sword physically, this one is less physically taxing and requires more thought.

Demeo is a fully immersive turn-based tabletop strategy game. There’s a range of classes to choose from, such as bards, barbarians, sorcerers, hunters, and more, each one with a miniature to represent them. Move your miniature across the detailed 3D board, collect treasure, and battle enemies with dice and cards.

Once you’ve played a tabletop game where you can see your characters do the actions you command, it’s hard to go back to old-fashioned boards. There’s even a virtual comic book shop to hang out with friends where you can paint your very own miniatures.

1. Walkabout Mini Golf

A mountainous course in Walkabout Mini Golf.
Image Source: Mighty Coconut

The Nintendo Wii revolutionized golf by giving us a controller to literally swing a virtual club and hit a ball. Now, the Meta Quest 3 has taken digital golf to the next level, and there’s no better example than Walkabout Mini Golf.

This isn’t just another golf game. There are eight incredibly well-designed 18-hole courses and plenty of additional courses to buy, such as Venice, Atlantis, El Dorado, or even a fully explorable recreation of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Despite the crazy, creative holes, the physics feels remarkably realistic and requires thought and skill to reach par.

No matter whether you’re playing solo, a quick 1v1 match online, or teaming up with a group of friends, Walkabout Mini Golf is fun, addictive, relaxing, and one of the most delightful games out there on the Meta Quest.

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