10 Best Dream Islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons That Are Must-Visits

Animal Crossing Dream

The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update introduced a feature many old fans had been anticipating– the ability to “dream,” or visit another island using their Dream Address. While Dodo Codes and friend visits existed before through the airport, the addition of dreaming means that others can visit your island without actually affecting it at all.

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Essentially, it is a saved version of your island that runs no risk of pesky flower crushing or annoying airport waits.

The Animal Crossing community quickly took to sharing some of the coolest islands we have ever seen, so we have gathered 10 of our favorites that are some of the best dreams to bless your islander with.



This island is truly one made of dreams. From adorable night-themed lighting to color-organized flowers, this one blew us away with how well it fits into the new update and how beautiful it is in general.

Luna would approve without a doubt!


Nunnalia presents a fancy, clean take on a cozy aesthetic and we love it.

From beautiful statues to realistic shopfronts, this dream island should definitely be on your list of ones to visit. It’s comfy, modern, and well-planned.


If you’re obsessed with that Spirited Away bath house aesthetic, Nowhere is the perfect dream island for you.

The Japanese feel that this island gives off is both true to Japan and also whimsical in its own way. Check it out if beautiful wild gardens and bamboo forests sound like your thing!

Starlight Island


Starlight Island is one of those dream islands we wish we could visit in real life, or at least in our actual dreams.

It has a delicate aura to it, providing a space that we can’t help but feel safe and at home in. Visit this island for a relaxing time.


The Grimm brothers would be in awe at this fantastical fairy-friendly island.

Deppendorf feels like an enchanted version of the Black Forest, riddled with beautiful pine trees and fairy-tale mushrooms. Definitely check this one out if it fits your aesthetic.

Comet Isle

Comet Isle is cottagecore aesthetic at its finest and we love it. It features cozy creations such as an outdoor bakery, library, and café.

We’d recommend that anyone looking for a warm, comfy dream island visit this one.


If you’re a Final Fantasy XIV nerd like we are, then this is the perfect dream island for you.

It replicates Crystarium, one of the additional areas brought to FFXIV in the latest expansion, Shadowbringers. The thought put into this island is insane, so you should definitely check it out.


This adorable island appeals to the pink lover deep within us all. It is full of pastel goodness and decorated with cute features such as star clusters and full moons.

Make sure to visit this one to feel like a sugar plum fairy!



We had to include another Japanese-style dream island because this one is too well-done to not mention.

The houses, terraforming, and decorations are arranged incredibly nicely. Definitely give this island a look to experience a little Japan away from Japan.



Bellatoll is the most New Horizons fitting island the community has to offer right now. It boasts a tropical theme filled with colorful flowers, pleasing waterfalls, and cute coconut trees.

If you want an island getaway without leaving your house, give this dream island a go for a luxurious tropical experience.

Those were just a few out of very many beautiful dream islands to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Do you have any favorites? The creativity behind these is outstanding! If you want to check out some other Animal Crossing artistic talent with the new update, have a look at these cool firework designs.

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