All Original Digimon Ranked

The Best Original DigiDestined Digimon, Ranked

Who is the coolest Digimon in Digimon Adventure?
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Palmon All Original Digimon Ranked

Palmon is the worst main digimon in the first season; her design, powers, and overall personality leave a lot to be desired. She’s just the least cool of the bunch. Her partner is the energetic Mimi, who usually encourages the group with her happy and optimistic attitude, but when she first appeared in the digital world, she was just a complaining mess. Palmon at least helped her develop a more positive behavior.

Palmon’ digivolutions are Togemon, Lillymon, and the gallant Rosemon, which are all okay, but not as good as the rest of the Digimon on this list. Despite her bland characteristics, though, she was part of one of the funniest moments in the series when she disguised herself as ReggaePalmon to infiltrate Myotismon’s castle.

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Biyomon All Original Digimon Ranked

Biyomon is Sora’s bird Digimon. Sora bears the crest of love, which extends to Biyomon as a lovable, noble creature who likes to take care of her friends. That’s adorable and all, but it’s also why she doesn’t rank any higher. Because screw that sappy noise.

Biyomon can fly, which is obviously useful, but that’s the only cool skill she has. Her digivolutions, Birdramon and Garudamon, are generic and mediocre. Even the few moments where she takes the lead don’t get close to the best scenes in the show. At least she is huggable, not like Palmon…


Tentomon All Original Digimon Ranked

This ladybug-like Digimon is Tentomon, a smart and curious creature belonging to Izzy, an intelligent but antisocial boy. Tentomon helps his geeky companion to become a more social person and assists him with opening up. He is the first Digimon to have a deeper relationship with his partner, which grants him a higher ranking on this list, despite being ugly as hell. After all, he is a bug, and there’s nothing pretty about that.

What’s neat about him, though, are his electric powers, which are already more useful than anything Palmon or Biyomon can do. However, his more powerful forms, Kabuterimon and MegaKabuterimon, are also hideous. There’s even a bigger problem with him: when Tentomon talks, his mouth doesn’t move. That’s definitely weird.


Gatomon All Original Digimon Ranked

Gatomon is the cool cat that wasn’t around from the beginning but clawed her way into our hearts. While she may have an evil upbringing and was raised to be Myotismon’s lackey, she chooses Kari and learns to open up. She, of course, can also become Magnadramon and Ophanimon, two of the most powerful Digimon in the entire series. These can only be bested by Patamon’s digivolutions, really.

Her backstory is the most interesting by far, but we can also all agree that any creature resembling a cat is already awesome. We can’t help but feel sympathetic about her. Not only all of that, but she also appears yet again in the second season of Digimon. So, you know, she was that well-liked to be brought back!


Gomamon All Original Digimon Ranked

Gomamon is one of the most likeable Digimon in the series, but his strength sets him behind the next three, unfortunately. There was a great odd-couple situation between him and his partner, Joe. This contrast in personalities led to a fun dynamic between the two, and Gomamon taught his partner to become more confident as a result. That’s not all that sets him apart, as his ability to command sea creatures was pretty awesome, too.

But what about his digivolutions? Well, first we have Ikkakumon, a giant Walrus with a regrowable horn that he can fire at will. And then we have Zudomon, a monstrous turtle-like creature that wields an electric hammer he can throw like a boomerang, just like, you guessed it, Thor. These formidable Digimon may not be as powerful as some others, but at least they are cool-looking.


Agumon All Original Digimon Ranked

Dinosaurs rock. It’s one of the main reasons why Agumon is probably the most popular and recognizable Digimon in the franchise. He appears everywhere; series, games, mangas, you name it. He is even the main Digimon in two different seasons. Of course, that’s not the only interesting fact about him: his digivolutions are impressive, his relationship with the main character, Tai, is believable and entertaining, and Agumon as a character is simply fun and adorable. It’s no surprise that he ranks among the top three.

Omnimon is one of the most powerful entities in the Digital World, and Agumon is one of the two Digimon needed to digivolve into it. There’s nothing cooler than being part of one of the the most badass being in the universe.


Patamon All Original Digimon Ranked

Patamon is the lovable flying guinea pig with bat wings for ears and is T.K.s partner. He is one of the cutest Digimon in existence, and it’s impossible not to love him not only for his looks, but also for his playful and adorable personality. Surprisingly, he can also become one of the strongest entities in the universe, Seraphymon.

There are quite a few dramatic and heartwrenching moments in Digimon Adventure, and Patamon is a key character in many of them. His importance within the plot is undeniable, and without him, the DigiDestined would be doomed. Patamon makes countless sacrifices, including the ultimate one, all in the name of friendship and protecting those he cares about. He comes back stronger than ever, showing that there’s a lot more to the adorable creature than meets the eye, and proves he’s definitely deserving of one of the top spots.


Gabumon All Original Digimon Ranked

There are a ton of reasons why Gabumon is up on top; the most prominent one, though, is his meaningful relationship with his partner Matt. Without this digital monster, Matt wouldn’t have a clue how to show his affection to those around him, being the stereotypical loner in the anime.

Gabumon can also contribute to form the powerful Omnimon, so that’s just an added plus to this little guy. Let’s not forget the awesome wolf Digimon that he can become. There’s a metallic wolf with rocket launchers, for crying out loud. He, hands-down, has the coolest digivolutions, the best interactions with his partner, a refreshing personality, and some intriguing secrets to boot. There’s no denying that Gabumon is the best DigiDestined Digimon in the original series.

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