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5 Ways Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Even Better

These five ideas for Mario Strikers: Battle League would have added to the game's longevity, quality of life, and overall enjoyment.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the latest game in the Mario Strikers series, returning after a 15-year hiatus. Though the core gameplay is one of its strengths, there are things about the game that feel like they are missing or could be more fun, especially since it has been so long since the franchise’s last installment.

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There are plenty of ideas that could have been included to add to the game’s longevity and quality of life. Here are five ways Mario Strikers: Battle League could have been even better.

Quick Chat Online

5 Ways Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Better

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Mario Strikers: Battle League is a fast-paced game, so it’s vital that teammates are on the same page when working together to score goals. The game could really benefit from a snappy way to communicate with your partner without relying on voice chat, and a quick chat option would be perfect for this.

Other Nintendo Switch games that feature robust online modes use quick chat to help players communicate, such as Splatoon 2 and Mario Party Superstars. Both of these are very simple, but they can also be effective when used at the right time.

Even if there were just a small handful of preset phrases or icons that could convey that you want your partner to pass, fall back to defend, use an item, or get open, it could be the difference between winning and losing a match.

Stats and Records

5 Ways Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Better

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Maybe I’m just a sucker for statistics, but it would be particularly motivating to play a lot of matches in Mario Strikers: Battle League if the game kept a record of all of your achievements. Comparable games like Rocket League keep a record of things like your number of shots scored, shots on goal, assists, wins, matches played, and more.

This would be even better if it was broken down by character so that players can see who they are most successful with on the field. It would be great to see that I’ve scored 10 Hyper Strike goals with Peach but only 3 with Rosalina, for example. It could help guide decisions for building the team you are best with.

If the game kept track of these records, it would be cool to see the stats of my Switch friends who also play the game. This could turn into a competition of who has the most wins and other passive ways to play together.

Stadium Field Effects

5 Ways Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Better

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It’s nice that we can choose which theme we want for our half of the stadium, but despite the visual differences, the field chosen doesn’t do anything special. After the initial novelty wears off, you barely even notice what the stadium looks like, and there aren’t even that many to choose from.

A fun, chaotic feature that could be added in Mario Strikers: Battle League would be to make use of the different stadium choices by creating unique effects for each one. For example, choosing Bowser’s Lava Castle stadium could have things like fireballs randomly falling down to briefly stun players, or Mario’s Mushroom Hill stadium could have warp pipes pop up occasionally to block shots.

Of course, serious players would probably want this to be an extra, optional mode since it would be so chaotic and could make scoring even more difficult.

Additional Online Multiplayer Options

5 Ways Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Better

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Many people who picked up Mario Strikers: Battle League on launch day were disappointed to find that while the game technically supports up to eight players, the ways to connect online with friends are a bit lacking.

Specifically, there is no option to connect with three other players to play 2v2 online each on their own Switch. To do this, four people would need to play on two Switch consoles (two people locally on each).

This is pretty disappointing since not everyone can play together locally and might want to have four players each on their own console. Connecting online should be simple in this day and age. But of course, it’s just another thing that Nintendo does to make us scratch our heads and wonder why.

Weekly Challenges

5 Ways Mario Strikers: Battle League Could Be Better

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After completing each of the cup challenges in the single-player mode of Mario Strikers: Battle League, there isn’t really much to do besides replay them, join random online matches, or play tournament matches for your club. It gets pretty repetitive, especially after you have all of the gear you want.

Weekly challenges would be a great way to add longevity to the game because it would be fun, help players practice, and be a way to earn rewards like gear. There could be rotating goals to meet, such as “score five goals in a match,” “win three matches in a row,” or “pass to Bowser 10 times.”

These types of challenges could help motivate players to try new strategies, different characters, and ultimately find a reason to play for longer after getting their fill from the monotonous standard matches.

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