3 Important Takeaways From Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 1

You either adapt and survive, or die in the past. This is a phrase that defines Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and is something you can see all about in the show’s special 70-minute premiere.

To recap all the fun, we put together the three most important takeaways that came from Star Wars The Bad Batch’s first episode. Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.

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It Adds to the Lore

Bad Batch Important Takeaways

The Bad Batch
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Star Wars fans who have kept up with comics or other animated projects, such as Star Wars Rebels, might have recognized that the intro storyline was focused on none other than Caleb Dume, better known as Kanan Jarrus. The Bad Batch changed Kanan’s story a bit from what we read in the comic counterpart, but the meat of it is still there.

Kanan loses his Jedi Master due to Order 66 and manages to escape, going through hardships until he assembles his own group of Rebels.

The Bad Batch sets up Clone Force 99 to deal with the ramifications of Order 66. But what does a group of “defective” clones do when they don’t follow orders? The premiere does a great job at setting up the problem of the whole series and makes it easy for fans to follow the group’s journey.

In addition, a clear connection with the rebellion has been established, as Saw Gerrera is back, doing what he does best — being an insurgent. It’ll be interesting to see what other additions are made to the lore down the line.

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Clone Force 99 is a Great Team

Bad Batch Important Takeaways

The Bad Batch
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The first episode of The Bad Batch shows how great of a team Clone Force 99 is. Every member gets a moment in the spotlight where we can admire their strengths.

Those strengths include Tech’s wits, Hunter’s leadership skills, Crosshair’s deadly accuracy, Wrecker’s strength, and is Echo’s resourcefulness. Each character serves as one part of a well-oiled machine, serving to show how much more effective they are when compared to regular clones, or “regs”, as they call them.

The best part about this is that all of the action the team is a part of in The Bad Batch is attached to the storyline, and thus we never get mindless blasting or punching. Everything is tied to a consequence and effect. Considering this was only the first episode, it is exciting to imagine what else this team will be able to do as the story progresses.

Ongoing Story Threads

Bad Batch Important Takeaways

The Bad Batch
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The Bad Batch does not have many friends outside of J-19, the exact location where the group is headed for the next episode. It is teased that the group will encounter Cut Lawquane, a former clone trooper that left that life, became a farmer, and now lives peacefully with his family. That is going to change soon.

As we move on to the next episodes, it is possible we follow the story threads of Caleb Dune (Kanan Jarrus) and the fact that Crosshair is not a member of Clone Force 99 anymore. The Bad Batch is officially down one member but gained another in Omega.

In conclusion, if the animated series continues down this path fans will learn how Clone Force 99 dealt with Order 66 and the consequences of those actions. The 70-minute premiere did a great job at setting up this group, the goal of the entire series, and the theme of the episodes going forward.

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