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11 Upcoming Games That Prove the 3DS Still Has Plenty to Offer


11 Upcoming Games That Prove the 3DS Still Has Plenty to Offer

Who said the 3DS was dead?


Hey! Pikmin takes Olimar and his helpful companions into a new dimension that they’ve never encountered before – a 2D kind. The 3DS sidescroller uses both of the screens of the handheld to make puzzle-solving and exploration a fresh and unique experience for the series. You use the touchscreen to fling Pikmin all around the levels, finding useful treasure, and defeating huge bug-eyed monsters that are trying to devour Olimar’s minions for lunch. Developed by the New Yoshi’s Island team, Hey! Pikmin seems to be a side-step for the series while we wait for the full-fledged sequel that is Pikmin 4 – if it ever comes out.


Cast your friends and family in the new RPG, Miitopia. Miitopia is essentially a fleshed out version of Find Mii – the 3DS mini-game that requires players to use Streetpass to advance through dungeons and boss battles. Miitopia offers a traditional RPG-style turn-based battle system with class changes that feature unique customization options like abilities, looks, and gear. Miitopia is also compatible with Amiibo, which means that you can tap a Mario figure to your 3DS and unlock cool costumes and whatnot. Your adventure through Miitopia is your story, and being able to put your mom, best friend, or your teacher into the game as a villain is the coolest thing ever.


Culdcept Revolt is a pretty niche card-battling series that started out in Japan back in the 90’s, but now this 3DS game is coming west for all card game fans to enjoy. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Culdcept Revolt brings addictive gameplay with new cards, boards, and a multiplayer mode to boot. Customize your deck with more than 400 unique cards and show those other players online who’s the boss. Culdcept Revolt is the perfect game for fans of high fantasy card games like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, just make sure not to get sucked into the monster world and forget about the real one – I know, It’s hard.


Fans of the Metroid series have been vocal the past few years about wanting a new Metroid game that wasn’t like Federation Force. At E3 this year, Nintendo made Metroid fans happy by announcing not one but two new Metroid titles – one for the 3DS and one for the Switch. Metroid: Samus Returns is a re-imagining of the Game Boy game, Metroid II: Return of Samus, for the 3DS. It takes everything that was lackluster in the original and makes it better while also adding brand-new content.

Samus Returns is also bringing in some new Amiibo to celebrate the launch of the game, which includes Samus and a squishable Metroid that is too cute not to buy.


One of the best RPG’s to ever grace the Game Boy Advance is getting a second turn at bat with a 3DS remake that adds further content to the already-superb GBA title. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions upgrades the graphics of the main game to look more like recent Mario and Luigi games like Paper Jam and Dream Team, but also adds a new mini-game that’s separate from the story called Bowser’s Minions. The spin-off story has you controlling an army of Mushroom Kingdom critters against Bowser’s army in a battle system that’s totally different from the RPG series, which involves deploying armies and using strategies and skills to overthrow your enemies.


3DS, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon launched last year to a positive reception. Exploring the Alola region, catching new Pokemon, and partaking in the island challenges proved to be a fun-filled ride that left players wanting more. Hence the announcement of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which takes players back to the Alola region for a second round with added story content, new legendary forms, and even more stuff that’s yet to be announced.

Being the improved version of Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Moon are going to need more than new forms to convince fans that it’s worth picking up. Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum added whole new battle areas and locations to explore; let’s hope that Ultra Sun and Moon can make the comeback to Alola a whole new experience that will make people want to take a second journey.


monster hunter stories, japan, 3ds

Monster Hunter Stories takes everything you know about the core Monster Hunter series and throws it out the window: intense grinding, difficulty curve, and even the online multiplayer hunting. Stories is Monster Hunter with RPG elements that has you playing as a Monster Rider instead of your typical hunter.

You’ll be hatching eggs, befriending Wyverns, and even customizing the look of your monsters to your heart’s content. If you’ve been scared to jump into Monster Hunter because of it’s steep learning curve, then Monster Hunter Stories might be the perfect chance to get into the franchise, especially if you like cute JRPG’s with turn-based battles.


The uber-popular franchise in Japan that is Yo-Kai Watch is getting yet another game localized for the states. When it comes down to it, Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters delivers the same experience that you would get from Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls, but Psychic Specters adds new Yo-Kai to befriend, exclusive story missions, and new areas for you to explore. If you’re looking for a game like Pokemon, then Yo-Kai Watch 2 is one 3DS game that might scratch that monster-collecting and battling itch.


Etrian Odyssey is a JRPG series that contains dungeon-crawling gameplay at its core. Not only must you attempt to get to the top of the Yggdrasil Tree without dying at the hands of terrifying bosses, but you basically have to map out each floor of the labyrinth as you explore using the 3DS touchscreen. You can mark down doors, treasure chests, dead-ends, and most important points to fully complete the floors.

You can choose your main character and also decide what kind of allies you want in your party to traverse the dangerous labyrinth. With turn-based battles and truly traditional role-playing elements, Etrian Odyssey V is only recommended for the truly hardcore.


lady layton

After the multiple entries Professor Layton had on the DS and 3DS, it’s finally time for his daughter to take the center stage in her own game. Katrielle and The Millionaire’s Conspiracy places Layton’s daughter in quite the predicament; she is actually on the search for her father who has gone missing and it’s her turn to solve the numerous puzzles to figure out what has happened to Layton.

You can expect Layton’s Mystery Journey to have hours upon hours of brain-racking, touch-screen puzzles for you to scratch your head on. Expect to feel amazing once you do solve the riddle, and get closer to finding Layton before it’s too late.


kirby, 3ds, kirby title

During a Nintendo Direct back in April, Nintendo announced three Kirby games for 2017 to commemorate the 25th anniversary for the pink, round, and lovable guy. One of these titles is a multiplayer action game that is planned to launch sometime this holiday season for the 3DS. The company didn’t show off any gameplay or even a title, but we do know that the game might be a fighting-focused Kirby game. We expect Nintendo to talk more about this title as the holiday season comes along. A game like Smash Bros. but with tons of Kirby elements built in would be pretty cool to see on the 3DS.

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