Pumpkin Jack, Little Nightmares II, and Bendy & the Ink Machine
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10 Best Spooky Switch Games For Comfy Halloween Horror

Celebrate Spooktober with these comfy Switch titles.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console to pack for gaming on the go during various holidays or seasonal celebrations, as things tend to get a little more hectic for everyone. If you find yourself looking to catch a break this Spooktober and crash on the couch with a nice and cozy Halloween-ish title, worry not. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up 10 of the best Switch games for comfy Halloween horror to keep you occupied as you cozy up and snack away on candy.

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Pumpkin Jack

10 Best Spooky Switch Games For Comfy Halloween Horror
Image Source: Albert Whitman & Company

I mean, just look at this game — Pumpkin Jack is a Halloween platformer game that just screams spooky vibes everywhere.

The moody environments are full of gorgeous lights and pops of color, bringing a witchy and magical aesthetic to the gloomy yet mysterious lands. Everywhere you go, you’ll be met with spooky scary ghosts, ghouls, and haunted locations, complete with amusing dialogue.

The gameplay is both highly entertaining and chaotic enough to keep you on the edge of your seat too, heavily invested in all of the hectic platformer shenanigans throughout Pumpkin Jack’s adventure. As you progress, you’ll likewise engage in combat against other undead, collect Weapons for your arsenal, and finally hunt down and destroy the Wizard as the Devil entrusted you to do.

Trust me, if you want to embrace the Spooktober mood, Pumpkin Jack is a must-play.

Little Nightmares I & II

Little Nightmares I & II
Image Source: Tarsier Studios

Little Nightmares is a highly atmospheric puzzle platformer with horror elements and unique world-building, creating a story with a sense of whimsical, child-like imagination. For any fans of Coraline, I’m sure you’ll find thorough enjoyment in this game; after all, the protagonist even wears a similar yellow rainjacket to Miss Coraline Jones herself. The story is charming and intriguing, and the world in which you explore is fascinating, with sinister, unsettling feelings evident in every dark corner.

While the Little Nightmares franchise has a dark and moody feeling, accentuated by the lingering soundtrack that looms over you just enough to stop you from finding complete comfort in playing through the game, there’s something oddly curious and relaxing about exploring the world around you. Despite feeling like there’s always a looming threat nearby, there’s this odd sense of wonder and mischief to the extensive labyrinth that surrounds the tiny characters, settling you into the darkness and creating a desire to wander further.

Despite the psychological horror elements that are woven into the experience, Little Nightmares remains one of the coziest and most endearing spooky titles on the Switch. Plus, the Switch has a bundle pack, enabling you to pick up both titles at once. Why not treat yourself this Halloween?


10 Best Spooky Switch Games For Comfy Halloween Horror
Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

Limbo is a brilliant game to consider when you want something soothing and relaxing to play that also carries fascinatingly frightening horror aspects.

Following the adventure of a mysterious boy in search of his sister, this puzzle-platformer has extremely simplistic yet stunning graphics, utilizing the power of strong silhouettes to build grayscale environments and figures.

There’s also a constant eerie feeling that lingers over you, with the story being very loose in a way that makes the whole adventure feel that much more unnerving. It’s as if you’re truly traversing the realms between life and death. Puzzles are satisfying to complete, and the side-scrolling acting brings a sense of relaxation and comfort with fairly simplistic controls.

Bolstering all of this is a notable lack of a soundtrack, instead replaced by the ambiance of sound effects such as echoing footsteps, running water, and gusts of wind to synergize with the moody and mysterious feelings set by the graphics.

If all that hasn’t convinced you, Limbo isn’t even that long, with some players being able to beat it in just over an hour and most everyone else taking no longer than four hours. This makes it the perfect title to pick up and play on Nintendo Switch across just one or two sittings this Halloween, so be sure to consider it.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3
Image Source: Nintendo

This wouldn’t be a Nintendo Switch list without the presence of one of their most popular franchise characters! Thankfully, Luigi is here to answer all your needs for relaxed spooky gaming with Luigi’s Mansion 3.

In this title, you’ll skip jumping into Mario’s shoes and instead take on the role of his brother, Luigi, exploring a haunted hotel and using the power of a vacuum to fight ghostly entities to save his friends from those who haunt the premises.

This one is a great title for relaxed Halloween gaming, and is even suitable for younger kids to participate in. The level design is quite charming, and the dark hotel manages to hold a nice spook factor while not being too frightening or disturbing the elements of comfort that can come from the overall experience. The various puzzles you can solve are very fun and entertaining, and the soundtrack sets a relaxing yet mysterious tone.

You’ll be glad you decided to delve into this haunted location for your Halloween gaming. Plus, if you really enjoy it, you can look forward to the second entry’s Nintendo Switch port release next year.

Danganronpa Decadence

10 Best Spooky Switch Games For Comfy Halloween Horror
Image Source: Spike Chunsoft

The Danganronpa series will forever be one of my favorites due to the blend of visual novel and murder mystery elements, which offers one of the most intriguing, shocking, and unpredictable experiences on Switch.

Danganronapa Decadence comes with the first three main titles of the Danganronpa franchise, placing you in the role of a student of Hope’s Peak Academy; a prestigious academic institution that hosts students who are masters of one particular talent or skill, making them the elite youth in their field.

However, after a sudden and strange turn of events, one particular class finds themselves trapped inside the building. It’s within these very halls that a meticulous game of murder is led by Principal Monokuma, a robot teddy bear. The game in question? Kill one of your classmates and get away with it to earn your freedom and escape to the outside world. If you’re caught though, you’ll die a terrible death designed specifically for you.

Oh, and if you execute the wrong murderer through trial, then everyone dies. Also, if anyone does manage to kill and frame somebody else, only the true killer will survive while everyone else faces death.

Yes, it’s as wild as it sounds. Don’t worry though: While Danganronpa is a brilliant franchise to dive into this Halloween, it’s much more heavy in murder mystery vibes than dark and terrifying horror. Even the blood is colored a bright unnatural pink, making this title much more approachable for those who are squeamish toward more gore-y displays.

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb
Image Source: Devolver Digital

Look, Cult of the Lamb is adorable. There’s no other way to put it. But it’s also completely spooktacular, making it the perfect title to pick up for some cozy Halloween gaming this spooky season.

In this title, you will play a lamb who was saved from being sacrificed by a mysterious entity. This entity has now tasked the lamb with building a cult, giving them powers to defeat captives and free animals to recruit to the cause.

The gameplay is very relaxing and the 2.5D graphics are very beautiful, making it the perfect title to unwind and get lost in this Halloween. Combat is a whole lot of fun too, which creates a very satisfying experience overall.

The game definitely has some sinister and… well, cult-y undertones, but the art style is so damn cute and endearing that it’s hard to remember this isn’t some cute and cozy feel-good title. Or maybe it can be if cults are what you’re into. If you’re looking for a clash of cute and creepy, then Cult of the Lamb is for you!

Bendy & the Ink Machine

10 Best Spooky Switch Games For Comfy Halloween Horror
Image Source: Joey Drew Studios

If you’re looking for an episodic, first-person puzzle horror approach that utilizes an aesthetic themed around vintage hand-drawn cartoons, then Bendy & The Ink Machine may be right up your alley.

In this game, players will take on the point of view of Henry Stein, a retired animated who returns to his old workplace, an abandoned animation studio. However, he soon discovers that a strange machine has left the place in ruins, bringing several of his characters to life, or so it seems.

While most first-person horror games have the potential to be quite terrifying due to jump scares, gore, and monsters, Bendy takes a much tamer approach due to its stylized ‘toon environment. There are still plenty of horror elements to enjoy through the mysterious story, ambient, dark, and moody environment though, and the sinister chime of music that follows your tale.

Bendy & The Ink Machine likewise has addictive psychological thriller aspects that will be sure to draw you in and keep you on your toes as you explore the tale of this mysterious animation studio. It’s not hard to get into either, as it’s built around extremely simple gameplay and strong narrative elements.

Bramble: The Mountain King

Bramble: The Mountain King
Image Source: Dimfrost Studio

Bramble: The Mountain King is an action-adventure game that combines the fascinating history of Nordic folklore and mythology with eerie horror vibes, making it a perfect title to grab this spooky season.

In this tale, you’ll control a young boy named Ollie, who traverses through a terrifying terrain in an attempt to rescue his kidnapped sister from sinister Mythological creatures. The environmental worldbuilding is so gorgeous, filled with dark and mysterious twists and turns but also eerie lighting which gives off a mysterious glow for the journey ahead. The creatures that you’ll encounter along the way are as intriguing as they are horrifying, and the subtle yet tense soundtrack adds to the stakes of Ollie’s brave mission.

Bramble: The Mountain King is a world that you won’t be able to help getting lost in, especially when all cozied up with your switch this Halloween.

Cozy Grove

10 Best Spooky Switch Games For Comfy Halloween Horror
Image Source: Spry Fox

if you’re a fan of games such as Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, then you’ll likely find immense joy in Cozy Grove, too.

Much like the titles mentioned above, you’ll find yourself on an island that you most forage, build, and develop into a township of your liking. However, there’s just one twist; the island is haunted. I know, a big surprise given its inclusion on this list of spooky Switch titles.

The game boasts a gorgeous art style and endearing graphics that bear some light resemblances to the likes of Don’t Starve and Cult of the Lamb, so it gets some points for aesthetics. The gameplay is relaxing and cozy too, with the perfect blend of spooky elements thrown in to make this one feel unique compared to the more natural farming and island-building titles mentioned above. And on top of this, the spirit animals are absolutely to die for. They’re that cute and precious, I swear.

This one has all of the familiar features and gameplay aspects you’ll be used to while also carrying some strong but adorable Halloween vibes, so it’s definitely among the absolute coziest games you can play this Spooktober. Give it a try, and I bet you’ll be calling your haunted island ‘home’ in no time!

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection
Image Source: Nippon Ichi Software

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection is a bundle of two survival horror titles, Yomawari: Night Alone, and Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. While these two tales may be a part of the same franchise collection, they are separate stories involving each character, so you may play them in any order of preference, or even simultaneously.

Right from the very beginning, the dark atmosphere of Yomawari is evident, though environments are lit by gorgeous dynamic lighting, creating a gritty, moody, horror atmosphere. Both games dive right into some of the darker and spooky elements there is to explore within video games, telling gripping tales of emotion, loss, and death.

You’ll also have to hide from the frightening spirits that roam the world. Though they aren’t as scary as other monsters featured in horror games, this still creates that same burst of adrenaline that horror games are well-known for as the player characters are so cute and endearing that you can’t help but want to protect them. These chibi character graphics likewise soften the harsh, sinister darkness of the world you explore and the topics you cover quite significantly.

This creates a satisfying balance and unique combination of feelings both relaxing and unnerving. To add to this, there is zero soundtrack within these titles, instead solely focusing on the use of sound effects to create feelings of uncertainty and terror.

If you want a game with an emotionally strong narrative, a clash of cute and spooky aesthetics, and relaxed, straightforward gameplay, then Yomawari: The Long Night Collection should be on your radar as a spooky yet cozy game to play on our Nintendo Switch.

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