Fact-checking Policy

Twinfinite, and the entire GAMURS Group network of websites, strives to create the highest quality coverage for the gaming, pop culture and entertainment worlds every day. Our world-class editorial team strives to ensure every piece of content published on our sites or associated off-platform channels is 100 percent accurate.

Each website in the GAMURS Group network, Twinfinite included, understands the power and value of journalism. To that end we employ a two-step fact-checking process as we strive for impeccable accuracy across our headlines, subheadings, articles and social copy.

Each writer in the network will fact-check their own copy for any direct errors, as well as any errors of omission or elements that may be misleading in context. That copy will then be separately fact-checked by an editor, who will ensure every story is verified, sourced correctly, and that all links are accurate prior to publication.

In instances where errors do occur, Twinfinite reserves the right to update articles post-publication to ensure the most accurate and contextually relevant information is included. More information about our network’s corrections policy can be found here.

Latest revision: May 27, 2022