What Is up With Detective Pikachu’s Voice in the German Trailer for the Film?

detective pikachu

The trailer for the new Detective Pikachu trailer dropped just a few days ago and fans everywhere were equally creeped out and impressed at seeing well-known Pokemon in live-action for the first time ever. In the trailer for the film, Pikachu lets out his famous “Pika Pika” line that has been used throughout the entirety of the anime series for the past 20 years. It’s the same exact sound for every language that the trailer has been dubbed for except for one country’s, and that country is Germany.

Ikue Otani, the voice actor for Pikachu seems to have been dubbed over for the German version of the trailer, for whatever reason. You can watch this edited montage of all of the trailers right here and listen to the monstrosity yourself.

What’s strange now, is that if you go watch the official trailer now, that the “Pika Pika” seems to have been edited to fit the other languages. We don’t know if Warner Bros. made a mistake with the original trailer or if this was a direct response to fans critique of the dubbing of Pikachu, but we know that it was super strange and Pikachu should never sound like he did in that German trailer, like ever.

Detective Pikachu is set to premiere on May 10, 2019, just one week after Avengers 4.

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