Haikyuu! Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the Favorite Ace in Your Life

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Jerseys and T-Shirts

What better way to feel like a part of the team than by dressing the part? From uniforms to graphic t-shirts, there are a lot of gifts this holiday you can find that are all about Haikyuu!

First and foremost, Ali Express offers just about every team’s uniform in all shapes and sizes. You can get your hands on everything from the warmups to even clothing alternates, ranging in price from around $12 to $25. 

If you’re looking for a specific shirt to rock, there is no better choice than the Wisdom of the Ace t-shirt. Just like Bokuto and Hinata, you, too, can get this awesome shirt from Redbubble this holiday season.

Collectibles, Figures, and Miscellaneous Items

Nothing beats lining your home, office, or even home office, with scores of your favorite anime characters. Haikyuu! has a boatload of different collectibles and figures to add to your collection.

Funko-pop wise, Wish has an adorable Hinata and Kageyama collection for the low price of just $12. If you’re looking for something cute to snuggle, check out Crunchyroll’s plush version of Tobio for just a few bucks more. 

Last but not least, Amazon has a really cool bundle of items you can get all together for just $15. That includes a drawstring bag, 50 laptop stickers, a facemask, and eight button pins. 

Blankets and Hoodies


As we head into the coldest parts of winter, there is no better way to stay warm than to wrap yourself up with some cozy looking Haikyuu gear. 

The first item sure to keep you nice and snug is the Wrenho hooded wearable blanket. You can get this huge, soft fabric on Amazon with a slew of different designs, ranging from adorable chibi to badass panel art.

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm that is a bit more portable, Pajamaslayer’s hoodies should fit the bill. You can get a lot of different styles, ranging from school to player specific customizations. 

Posters and Art


While the collectible items we mentioned early might not be for everyone, there is no doubt that just about everyone loves a good poster, especially with art as good as Haikyuu!

If you’re on the hunt for art that encapsulates everything –and everyone– you love about the series, look no further than Dangoss’ design on Redbubble. This poster is an overview of a match between crows and cats, with every prominent character in Haikyuu! watching from the sidelines.

For anyone who simply wants a photo of the show’s protagonist team, Karasuno, Society 6 has many unique designs. Personally, I love the 18″ by 24″ poster created by SYRF.id, as it displays the spotlight characters from the team in a cool way.

Lastly, minimalists will love the simple Fly banner that is available on Amazon. While it may not be as big as the one on display for Karasuno in the show, it’s got just the right look to make it feel authentic. 

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