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4 Key Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 4 Plot Points You Might Have Missed

Yellowstone Season 5, episode 4,had a lot of stuff you may have missed.

Yellowstone episode 5, season 4 has audiences on what seems like a never-ending rodeo of wild west problems and Montanan melodrama. The main events that appear in the show revolve around John, Jamie, and Beth Dutton, and for the first time, we barely see any action around the ranch and the Dutton cowboys. Rip, Kayce, and Monica each have an important scene, but they all seem to serve the mounting duties that John has to undertake. With the fourth episode now complete, here are the Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 4 plot points you might have missed.

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John Dutton Grows Into His New Role As Governor

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John’s scene begins with him flexing more of his governor’s muscle, this time firing his entire board of advisors, and according to his assistant, saving Montana taxpayers over 1.2 million dollars without those advisors’ salaries. As John makes more radical changes, he’s also about to face one of his hardest legal battles against the NGO responsible for the murdered wolves.

He seeks some advice from ex-governor Perry, who continues to school him with what it means to be the head of Montana state. At the end of their exchange, an important hint is dropped: Perry tells John he has the power to pardon a criminal and other similar acts that could spell the end of his time in office.

Later in the episode, we have another rare glimpse into John’s compassionate side as he offers an anecdote and a few choice words to help ease Monica’s pain. He speaks with Kayce, who still stands by his decision to quit his job as the livestock commissioner. This still keeps Kayce in uncertain territory, and there’s not much else to go with concerning him and his family’s future.

After mourning the loss of Kayce and Monica’s baby, John meets chairman Rainwater at the Native American burial ceremony, and Rainwater tells him that they need to have a meeting about the 300+ lost jobs due to John shutting down the airport project.

John tries to set up an appointment at the state office, but Rainwater insists that John come to the reservation to show the governor cares. John agrees, but this might be a setup that causes more problems for John, especially with Angela Blue Thunder lying in wait.

Jamie and Beth’s Disaster Evolves

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At the beginning of the episode, Jamie helped get Beth out of jail and prevented the California woman from pressing charges with his legal savvy. After meeting with her initially, Beth catches him saying “our father” when referring to John but quickly snaps that John is only her father. While driving her home from jail, Beth noticed a toddler car seat and lost it after Jamie told her he has a son. She attacks him, and they almost crash his SUV, and after Jamie stops, Beth marches out of the vehicle, emotionally distraught.

She screams at Jamie with pain in regards to how he took her ability to give birth away, and now he has a son. Jamie yells how his biggest regret is taking Beth to the abortion clinic, and for an instant, she appeared to empathize with Jamie and made one of the series’ most terrifying statements, promising to take Jamie’s son away from him and that he better kiss his son goodbye.

Jamie appears to almost run her over, and this symbolic event foreshadows what could be the crash course that these two characters are heading towards. It seems inevitable at this point, but Jamie and Beth are going to collide head-on, and only one of them will survive — at most.

Summer is Back

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Not the season, but the environmentalist who had a fling with John and has now been released to live at the ranch as John’s environmental expert. She proclaims they’ll be no physical intimacy between them, and John agrees that it’ll all be business— but we’ll see. Summer will be key in John’s upcoming legal battle against the NGO, which will demand justice for the murdered wolves, and she might end up becoming a mainstay character on the show.

Beth encounters her at the end of the episode, and although there are still feelings of animosity towards each other, it appears that Beth might be able to better tolerate Summer this time around. But with Beth being the loose canon that she is, Summer is never safe from Beth’s vengeful wrath.

The Plot Thickens

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At the end of the episode, some developing plot points hint to audiences about the troubles that lie ahead. Jamie leaves the Deerfield Club, and Beth is already there watching him; as mentioned in our last article, Beth basically owns the place and has eyes and ears there.

Back at the ranch, Jamie has a one-night stand with Sarah Atwood, and Beth does a little research by taking a photo of Sarah Atwood’s driver’s license and searching for info on the internet. This is no doubt all part of Sarah’s twisted plan, and Beth may be the only one to uncover or stop it before it completely ruins the Duttons.

With what audiences are seeing so far, there are more than enough challenges for the Dutton family to overcome. What makes the season even more promising is that there still might be a major antagonist to yet bare their fangs. In previous seasons, audiences have witnessed how John had to take the brunt of the damage from people like chairman Rainwater, Dan Jenkins, the Beck Brothers, Wade Morrow, Roarke Morris, and Market Equities.

So far, Market Equities have only challenged John through legal business means, and with their newest ace Sarah Atwood, it appears Jamie is their main target. The Yellowstone Season 5, episode 4 plot points you might have missed are might pay back the Duttons and audiences with dividends, so make sure to check back with Twinfinite’s coverage of this successful show.

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