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10 Moments We Can’t Wait to See in the Haikyuu Final Two-Part Film

Give me the thrill of the court!

Ever since the announcement of the two-part Haikyuu film, many fans have been waiting to see what happens next for the dynamic Karasuno team after the exciting cliffhanger of Season 4. But, of course, there’s a ton of more content to cover from the manga that will undoubtedly make you say, “One more!” with each thrilling match and training arc. So, if you want to start prepping for the kill, we’ll go over 10 moments we can’t wait to see in the Haikyuu finale. 

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Before we go any further, it should be noted that there will be major spoilers for the Haikyuu manga, including upcoming showdowns and unexpected friendships. 

The Never-Endings Rallies in the Dumpster Battle

Nekoma Versus Karasuno Haikyuu
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Longtime Haikyuu fans know all about the much-awaited Dumpster Battle that has been a part of the series since the beginning. It first started during the Karasuno versus Nekoma practice match, and now, it finally comes down to the “Instant Game Over” match that was briefly shown at the end of Season 4. 

As you may expect, the match showcases rally after rally due to Nekoma’s unprecedented flexibility and Karasuno’s heavy offensive attacks. The manga version has already left me on the edge of my seat, so seeing it brought to life in the movie would increase the thrill even further. You can also expect a lot of amazing plays here, from Nishinoya’s tremendous set for Asahi to the fruition of Kenma’s ultimate plan. 

Tsuki Finally Admits His Love for Volleyball

Tsuki in Haikyuu
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Of all the characters in Haikyuu, Tsuki goes through one of the best character arcs in the series, considering how much he has changed with each volume/season. Upon his first introduction, he comes off as extraordinarily snarky and unmotivated until he eventually rises like the moon that he is to become a brilliant middle blocker for the team. But, aside from his victorious scream in the Shiratorizawa match, he hasn’t necessarily admitted his joy for volleyball in the anime. 

That all changes during the Nekoma match when Tsuki confesses that the sport is “kinda fun.” Albeit, it doesn’t sound too enthusiastic, yet it truly is a step forward for him since he was closed off from everyone for a long time. Even more so, the interactions that Tsuki and Yamaguchi share beforehand will supplement the emotional impact of this fantastic scene, and hopefully, its meaningful sentiment can transcend into the film.

Hinata Meets the Little Giant

The Little Giant in Haikyuu
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The Little Giant is the reason for almost everything that transpires in Haikyuu, influencing Daichi and Hinata to pursue their volleyball dreams. Since then, fans have anticipated his arrival in the show to bring Shoyo and Tenma (the Little Giant) together as a tribute to the show’s very first scene. 

Fortunately, this meeting seems likely to happen in the upcoming movie as Tenma Udai makes his triumphant debut in the Kamomedai showdown. Seeing Hinata express his admiration toward his idol is incredibly satisfying to watch, primarily because he’s been discussing it throughout the series. To top it off, Tenma solidifies the interaction by calling Shoyo the “New Little Giant,” a title that he has more than earned from his consistent growth.

Takeda’s Motivating Speech

Takeda in Haikyuu
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The Karasuno versus Kamomedai match becomes one of the most tiring and frustrating games for the crows, resulting in Hinata’s unfortunate fever during the showdown. Like in previous games, Ittetsu Takeda steps up as the head coach and once again motivates Shoyo through another inspirational speech regarding his well-being.

Even if it will be disheartening to see Shoyo in this state within the film, Takeda’s words will make it all worth it, encompassing the series’ tradition of experiencing the good and the bad. Through this lecture, Ittetsu explains how Hinata can use these losses to drive him to his next journey and to always be there when “opportunity comes knocking.” These conversations definitely strike a chord with the character, especially when he hangs up one of Takeda’s sayings in his home later down the line.

Coach Washijo Cheering on Hinata

Coach Washijo in Haikyuu
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Coach Washijo certainly gave Hinata a rough time throughout the Ball Boy arc, and it left fans utterly confused due to their small build similarities. As a short queen myself, I didn’t particularly like the guy for dehumanizing Shoyo, but that has ultimately changed with his unwavering support in Chapter 370.

It’s one thing to read Washijo’s positive words about Hinata, yet it would be much more gratifying to watch it unfold in movie form. To hear him actually say, “Shoyo Hinata’s going places,” would probably bring a tear to my eye, including the knowledgeable guidance he provides for his old nemesis. It’s all I ever wanted from the coach since he first arrived in Season 3, and other fans who didn’t like him the first time around could change their mind after this scene.

Kageyama, Tsuki, & Hinata Vacation

Tsuki, Kageyama, and Hinata in Haikyuu
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The Haikyuu Illustration Book features an exclusive storyline that introduces the most unlikely ensemble of Kageyama, Tsuki, and Hinata. Although it might not make it to the final film, I’m still crossing my fingers for it to be included somehow (maybe an OVA?) to give the fans a break from the intense volleyball matches with the group’s Brazil vacation.

While Kageyama and Hinata play beach volleyball together, Tsuki appreciates the surrounding scenery and surprisingly enjoys his time with the two, regardless of his quarrels in the past. I just hope the studio incorporates the adorable photo they take next to the statue in Rio de Janeiro, commemorating their unique friendship.

Taking on Beach Volleyball

Hinata in the Beach Volleyball Arc
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During Hinata’s second year, he decides he wants to try out a new challenge with beach volleyball, leading to Washijo’s offer to learn it in Brazil. Compared to what we’ve experienced on the court, a sandy battlefield will usher in an entirely different world for the franchise, exhibiting a two-on-two battle rather than a team-based match. Not to mention the fact that the sand initially slows down Shoyo’s agility and energy to make the sport much more difficult.

In spite of Hinata’s setbacks, he continues to develop his newfound strength by working on his weaknesses and befriending fellow volleyball players. If you happen to miss the rest of the Karasuno team, you can look forward to a few flashbacks during this time while Shoyo looks back on his past to give himself pointers for the beach terrain.

Oikawa & Hinata Friendship

Oikawa and Hinata in Haikyuu
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Based on the anime, you would never expect Oikawa and Hinata to develop a companionship with their heated rivalry in both Season 1 and 2. However, this isn’t the case in the Beach Volleyball arc, where the two characters team up to tackle the new sport together. Thus, instead of going against the old captain of Aoba Johsai, Hinata can now take advantage of Oikawa’s precise setting and outstanding jump serves.

Given that the two players didn’t interact as often in the previous seasons, it’s refreshing to behold their friendship that expands on and off the field. I also can’t wait to get a glimpse of Kageyama and Ushijima’s faces when they catch sight of Hinata and Oikawa’s hilarious selfie.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Haikyuu Timeskip
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The team finally reunites in the last chapters of the manga, featuring the return of many notable characters across various arcs. You’ll see how much Karasuno and other groups have changed after all this time, with a few surprising life changes for several individuals. Whether it be Daichi’s role as a policeman or Tendo’s job as a chocolatier, there are a ton of intriguing developments for the cast that would go perfectly with the two-part film.

I’m still wrapping my head around the Tanaka and Kiyoko reveal, so I would love to see it in animated form to make it feel more real. Hopefully, there’s enough room to fit in all the amusing and heartwarming conversations between the cast since it gives us an alternate perspective to what was shown in the anime.

The Long-Awaited Showdown

Kageyama and Hinata in Haikyuu
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Aside from the Dumpster Battle, Kageyama and Hinata’s fight is the true full-circle moment of the franchise, given how the series initially started with their middle school showdown. But, despite being on the same team, the show has always hinted about their long-awaited battle, and fans knew it was only a matter of time. Thus, the manga delivered on this front, paving the way for what’s to come in the film.

Although I am excited to see Kageyama and Hinata battle it out in the animated version, I look forward to watching the teams play, in general, considering how stacked each group is. On Kageyama’s side, we have Ushijima and Hoshiumi, while Hinata’s includes Bokuto, Atsumu, and Kiyoomi. In return, we get the ultimate match that makes all the waiting worth it, bringing together old friends and enemies in this exceedingly fulfilling conclusion.

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